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Thursday 19 September 2019

Tommy Robinson - Back To Intimidation

No more than a few days out of jail, Stephen Yaxley Lennon, who styles himself Tommy Robinson, is back to his old habits. He needs to turn the eyes of all those potential donors back in his direction - grifters gonna grift - and so he has returned to his old trick of picking a soft target on a premise that turns out to be effectively false, then turning up at their house in order to intimidate them and impress the folks prepared to give him money.
The problem for Lennon was that his visit to a man called Abdul Basir might impress the easily persuaded, but we have been here before. He went after Basir last year: in a video from February 2018 - we can date it easily as Lennon mentions the start of Darren Osborne’s trial for the Finsbury Park terror attack - he talks at length about Basir. He also claims the killer of an 85-year-old woman beheaded in her garden was a Muslim. Untrue.

Lennon went after Basir, despite knowing full well that his target had mental health issues and was not a serious threat to him, or indeed to anyone else. As with all his other doorsteppings, he managed to find Basir’s address (how?), then turned up in the dead of night to confront him - another of those allegedly “polite conversations”.

So he knew Basir was not a threat. It was therefore pointless to go after him again. But go after him again he did last night, telling in a video “I have to turn up, as the Police wouldn’t come to this house. He’s made a video, a very clear video, claiming he’s going to shank and kill any English person he finds today, cos Allah’s blessed him to do it”.

There was more. “He’s made threats against me, he’s made threats against my wife. Why can’t the Police just come round and get him?” And why doesn’t Lennon just play back his video from February last year, so he can get the answers without leaving home?
Ah, but that would not give him the opportunity to tap his adoring flock for a few quid. So there has to be the full posse turning out - including amateur comedy kidnapper Daniel Thomas, still under investigation for that gratuitous violence in Warrington - and the obligatory dead of night door-knocking exercise. Along with the inevitable video.

This has come with the equally obligatory fawning account from semi-professional idiot Jordan James at far-right fan site Politicalite, where he tellsTHERE’S A JIHADI ON THE LOOSE! Tommy Robinson Forced To Confront JIHADI Who Threatened His Family”. But no Jihadi was involved. Although Abdul Basir is one of those Scary Muslims™.

Then James sells the pass in no style at all as he blusters “This is not the first time Police have failed to protect Robinson and his family. In February 2018, the activist was forced to find a Muslim man who was threatening his family after UK authorities failed to act”. Very good Jordan. The Muslim man you’re talking about was the same one as yesterday.

But Lennon does want us to “Imagine a white bloke making racist comments”. That is also not difficult, as Lennon himself has been caught doing just that. Remember him describing a taxi as a “Little Paki in a car”? And that he admitted it “could have been worse”?

All we have here is Stephen Lennon once again playing to his fan base, pretending to be in danger when he isn’t, and staging a doorstepping on a false premise. The cops have Abdul Basir figured out. He won’t be attacking anyone. But Lennon clearly needs the dosh.
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Anonymous said...

What are the odds of "Robinson" doing yet another stretch?

Oh how we'll larf. Again.

Anonymous said...

And the Police rather than ban him or his presence anywhere in the public online domain will drag their heels whilst Lennon will continue to agitate issues.

They don't want crime solved at all. It appears they want more of it.

Alan said...

He was making social media death threats which is a criminal offence. He was arrested for it. Very strange seeing you twist this against TR.

Jonathan said...

Tommy obviously enjoys prison life, has any Forensic Psychologist actually worked with the Fascist?

Anonymous said...

Let's say this is true. So a mentally unstable person reacted in a mentally unstable fashion after this crack pot played vigilante on video for money on video playing the big man knocking on his door in the middle of the night. Well I am suprised. And how does Ginger Yaxley respond. He does what no sane person who simply wishes to protect there family does. He goes back camera on pulls the same stunt again and begs for money. The little runt knows exactly what he is doing. I would recommend not glossing over common sense or falling for the little mugs BS in the future.

Anonymous said...

He's a disgusting, pathetic bully. Always going after the weaker target. I can't wait till he knocks the wrong door.

Chan said...

If the police have dealt with it, then why does "TR" feel the need to instigate and agitate it further, against a person will mental health issues...and why in the middle of the night? There's nothing to twist here, Robinson is a pathetic bully and a shyster. I'd like to see him try and go up against people who he knows will fight back, like the big lads in Luton. You know, where he was so scared because he didn't have his back up that he fell over a curb. That was hilarious.

Anonymous said...

Far right "Robinson" looking for handouts......Gosh, what WILL the tories say - but only after they trouser their subsidy of tax free looting.