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Saturday 7 September 2019

Charlotte Gill - Go Home, You’re Drunk

The past week has not been an auspicious one for alleged Prime Minister Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson. He’s lost his first three Commons votes, had the Brexit process removed from his control, failed to force Her Majesty’s Opposition into having a General Election on the terms he wants, managed to sack 21 Tory MPs including former ministers - and Winshton’s grandson - and is now propped up mainly by our free and fearless press.
Charlotte Gill ...
... and her undeserving hero

Yes, Bozo The Clown’s credibility is in tatters, and his Police stunt didn’t help. Nor did the sight of his chief polecat Dominic Cummings staggering drunkenly around the Westminster estate. He clearly needs all the help he can get. So who would like to step up to the plate and defend Bozo? Er … Charlotte Gill would. But not very well.
The hounding of Boris Johnson is ugly, ugly stuff. He could eat a sandwich and Remainers would probably find a picture of Mussolini eating a sandwich to make a comparison. Many voters can see through this slippery behaviour and will vote for him as payback come election” she pleaded. The Secret Barrister was way ahead of her.
Indeed. Imagine a country where a political leader is hounded by the red tops for a photo of them eating a sandwich” came the reply. Ms Gill gamely walked straight into it: "yes and they also definitely compared him to a tinpot dictator?” They did, and the Secret Barrister had the money quote from Sarah “Vain” Vine, smearing Ed Miliband.
At this point, Ms Gill had been well and truly Pwned. But on she staggered. “One example... Anyway, it's kind of missing the point of my post. People made fun of Ed Miliband eating the sandwich for purely aesthetic reasons. With BoJo anything he does - sneeze, eat, breathe - must be compared to fascism”. You WHAT?
The Miliband hit job was the crudest of anti-Semitic dog-whistles. Jewish man eats bacon sandwich - er, hello? And the Secret Barrister pointed out “While I didn’t vote for Ed, I should in fairness also point out that he didn’t try to shut down Parliament, threaten to ignore laws he didn’t like, surround himself with police for photo ops, single out minorities in newspaper columns and surround himself with career racists”. Well, quite.
Peter Jukes felt the need to point out that Bozo did have supporters. “Johnson has Murdoch (your boss), the Mail, the Express, £100m government spending, Bannon dark ads, Crosby crypto campaigning and Donald Trump on his side. It's nothing to do with Remainers - he is the most mendacious, right wing Prime Minister anyone can remember”.
Dave Berkeley added “Ed Miliband & his father were subjected to anti-Semitic abuse in the gutter press. Pointing out Johnson's well documented history is fair. Sacked twice for lying as a journalist, once from cabinet. A serial liar. Incompetent as mayor. Wasted millions on vanity projects”. More like tens, if not hundreds, of millions.
This led one Tweeter to draw the conclusion “I've seen better arguments, on the nutrition label of a pot noodle”. Cruel. Cruel but fair. Ms Gill’s latest campaign has developed not necessarily to her advantage. Or that of her hero Bozo The Clown.

But her initiative will be looked on favourably by Bozo’s press pals. So that’s all right, then.
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