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Saturday 28 September 2019

Farage Advocates Violence Against Civil Service

Just to remind the country that they are still around, the Brexit Party have been holding a series of rallies around the UK, if only to fire up the base, or in the case of many of them, keep them from falling asleep. This has involved speeches from the usual suspects - chairman Richard Tice, Ultimate Scary Has-Been Ann Widdecombe, and of course the party’s self-appointed Oberscheissenf├╝hrer Nigel “Thirsty” Farage.
Squeaky incitement to ABH finger up the bum time

As the South Wales Argus has reported, “Making sure she could be heard in all corners of the city [Ms Widdecombe] continued: ‘A deal is not leaving, that is merely moving from prison to house arrest.’ This point was emphasized in an am-dram fashion by Mr Tice encasing himself in an EU-branded cell and brandishing a pair of handcuffs he happened to have with him”. Isabel Oakeshott was unavailable for comment.

There was more. "Continued reference was made to the ‘battle for freedom and democracy’ that was the Second World War. ‘How would that generation have voted in 2016?’ the crowd were asked”. They might not have had so much time for Mr Thirsty and his fellow chancers, that’s how. But then came a sweaty and impassioned Farage.

We’ve put fear in the hearts of the MPs in Wales” he bellowed, going on to berate “that ghastly little man called Bercow” and “that perfectly vile little pipsqueak of a Prime Minister in Luxembourg”. He wanted no truck with talk of a No Deal Brexit; from now on, his preferred description would be Clean Break Brexit. Something else which does not exist.
Then came the peroration, such as it was. “It may look bleak, but actually it isn’t. Despite the wall of propaganda, despite the nonsense of Yellowhammer, the threat that we could run out of medicines [there are medicine shortages right now, Nige], of food, I mean, I don’t know, whether Juncker’s got a fleet of U-Boats now [his country was invaded by the Nazis, but hey ho], he’s going to sink all our vessels, I just don’t know”.

And then it happened. “When the president of the port of Calais, and the boss of the port of Dover, tell you they’re 100% ready for Brexit, in whatever form it comes, I suggest we listen to them, and not the overpaid pen-pushers in Whitehall, who are not doing a neutral job, and once Brexit’s done, we’ll take the knife to them, alright?
Whatever could that mean? Talk of “taking the knife” to people working in a city which has had a recent problem with knife crime, from a politician who has previously - and tastelessly - celebrated the referendum result as something that had been achieved “without a shot being fired” (he forgot Jo Cox), and who threatened to “don khaki” if the result were not honoured in a way which was acceptable to Himself?

Along with the constant references to World War 2, spitting out the names of anyone from across the channel (OK, not Marine le Pen and Geert Wilders, but most of them), and talk of “U-boats”, there is only one thing Mr Thirsty meant, and that had to be violence.

And if he didn’t mean it, he needs to say so. Because the cops are now investigating.
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Anonymous said...

Very Strange Widdecombe sounds more and more like a whoopee cushion gone rogue. And her wig becomes more askew each day.

Farage's mouth has gone beyond the rip-in-a-welly appearance. Now it looks like a cat with its throat cut.

I point this out for students of the personality cults around all ranting righties.

Widdecombe-Farage, the Punch and Judy show outside the Bozo Circus.

Jonathan said...

Unfortunately someone is going to unfortunately be seriously hurt by Thirsty's followers... Thirsty will deny all knowledge and responsibility.