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Wednesday 4 September 2019

Bozo - Dead Clown Walking

When the moment came soon after 2200 hours last night, it was one to savour. All the threats, all the bluster, the sneering, the smears, the mind games were exposed as pointless nonsense: our alleged Prime Minister Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson lost his first Commons vote as PM by a majority of 27. More than 20 of his own MPs rebelled and have now been expelled from the Tory Party. And for what?
A total Muppet. And Elmo from Sesame Street

Despite the shameful behaviour of Kate Hoey and John Mann, who voted to enable Bozo The Clown to go ahead and crash the UK out of the EU without a deal - Labour members in Bassetlaw please note - Johnson was humiliated. His only riposte was to claim that he still didn’t want an election (pull the other one, matey), but he would be going for one anyhow. Jeremy Corbyn saw him coming. It won’t be that simple.
Mega-brain No More

Jezza also wants an election. But Bozo only gets one if and when he takes No Deal off the table - or is forced to do so. Then it’s Game On. In the meantime, the sight of the Tory Party at its arrogant worst yesterday evening will linger long in the memory of voters who may be starting to realise that these people do not have their best interests at heart.
Worst first date ever

Cameras caught Iain Duncan Cough picking his nose and eating it. The barracking and cat-calling was disgraceful, with Speaker John Bercow reserving his sharpest admonition for Michael “Oiky” Gove. And the sight of Master Jacob Rees Mogg, sprawled out on the Government front bench, with only (yes, it’s her again) Nadine Dorries to babysit him will linger long in the memory: a sight that, once seen, can never be unseen.
So what of the great strategic mega-brain behind the mayhem? Bozo’s chief polecat Dominic Cummings apparently masterminded the whole business, and his first foray into the game of Prime Ministerial politics has been a total and abject failure. By proroguing Parliament, he and Bozo have united a majority of MPs, and, worse, a significant part of the electorate, against them. The protests are still going on.
Cummings is reportedly behind the threats to sack any Tory MP who voted against the Government. So now the Tories are short of another 21 MPs in the Commons. They are now in a minority, leaving open an opportunity for Jezza to make the case for a caretaker administration, with him at the head, to replace Bozo’s shitshow.
As for the No Deal threat, the rebels’ bill is likely to pass through the Commons and head for the Lords, where the Tories have their last chance to stop it becoming law and forcing Bozo to go to Brussels and ask for the Article 50 period to be extended once again. The right-wing press wants to shift the blame on to Corbyn, but it won’t wash: Bozo’s performance as PM has so far been abysmal, and the public knows it.
Yet worse is the prospect for Bozo that he tables a bill under the Fixed Term Parliament Act to try and force an election, only for it to be amended to make it conditional on taking No Deal off the table. This is a serious possibility. As the Tories are now well short of a majority, and there is a majority against No Deal, his bill could return to bite him.

Bozo is now a Dead Clown Walking. He wanted to become PM. This is a mess of his creation. The buck stops with him. He can now own it and sort it out. By resigning.
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Roy said...

You ignored the elephant in the room
If we get a General Election soon, whether it's before or after 31/10, Johnson will likely win and with a working majority
The reason?
That's the elephant. It's Corbyn.
A competent, halfway chatismatic leader, Starmer, Cooper, even Thornberry would be 20 points ahead.
You cannot expect a 2017 styke Tory Implosion. They won't make THAT mistake again

Anonymous said...

There is always the possibility of the law on "no No Deal" being passed, a GE being called, Johnson winning said GE and repealing that law...

Jonathan said...

He's finished, lke he Tory Party unable to govern, whilst The Saj, spaffs pretend money around to win votes on the threat of the sack or be humiliated by Polecat Dom.

The Johnson Trumpian strategy won't work here, not many fall for the lies that Johnny Foreigner is screwing us over, instead it's a tiny well connected public school elite of whom Johnson is the epitome.
Whilst kids are going hungry across the country, where work is no longer paying, where homelessness is becoming the norm on every town centre, schools closing early, hospitals short of staff due to bursary cuts and poor salaries.

These are home grown issues created by Tory obsession with austerity and culture wars.

Mark said...

John McDonnell should be ordering that taxi now for Jeremy Corbyn to make his case before Lizzie Windsor for a caretaker government.

Starbuck said...


with due respect Tim, no caretaker with Corbyn as its head will ever be acceptable to other parties.
he's far too divisive, within and outside Labour.
if he really means to "pause and reflect" on the whole sorry business of Brexit, then he better stands aside from any prime ministerial role until a GE is called (and he wins it).
no matter how short-lived and temporary a caretaker government, it's best to leave it to either civil servants, retired or active, or past cabinet ministers of all parties to conduct day-to-day business.

if not, it'll look like replacing a bunch of right-wing putschist, by another group of left-wing ones. that just ain't gonna fly.
instead take stock from the practice of italian or belgian caretaker and unity governments, when their respective national parliaments fails to coalesce around a working majority, but day-to-day governance of the country's affairs still need to be taken care of.

Best regards,

Anonymous said...

According to Laura "Daddy's Sweat Shops" Kuenssberg this morning Bozo "pummeled" Corbyn during PMQs.

Fuck knows how she'll describe last night's Bozo disaster. Probably as "A little local difficulty". It's what far right tories like her do.

Meanwhile, thanks to media gobshites like Kuenssberg and the BBC the country is going down the same shitter as Trumpica.

Mark said...

@Anon, 12:26 - really? And they wonder why traditional media is dying! A cursory glance on twitter sees even those who dislike Corbyn admitting that he appears far more prime ministerial than Boris and is beating him hands down in their set-to's at the despatch boxes.

Mark said...

With respect Roy, the real elephant in the room is, as Anon @12.26 testifies, the way the media report on Johnson. It’s taken him less than 6 weeks and 0 elections to lose a majority and fill the streets with protest. We need to stop perpetuating the myth that Johnson is some kind of formidable opponent just because the media says it. The facts speak for themselves. Take a look at his woeful performances in the Commons over the last 24 hours. Consider that he has, as Ian Blackford pointed out, a 100% track record in losing votes in the House. Consider that yesterday alone, 52,400 people registered to vote online, and that the two biggest age groups were the under 25's and the 25-34's; young voters are the biggest threat to Tories and Brexiteers.

Tired Timothy said...


Part of the better than expected result at the 2017 election was the fact Corbyn exploded the membership, this would not happen under Cooper or Starmer. They do not represent that change.

Now, they might be 4 or 5 points ahead in the polls, AT BEST, and Corbyn, a commonplace politician in Europe, is seen as a massive change, but Cooper has her own baggage, and Starmer may be fundamentally competent, but don't be telling me he is frothing with charisma.

Ideal world, they need a Corbyn with better leadership skills, not an Ed Balls with worse leadership skills.

Anonymous said...

@ 11:12.

Having watched softshite Bozo in "action", it's safe to say free thinkers everywhere (which naturally excludes apologists for the Murdoch Slimes, Murdoch Scum and the Rothermere Heils) will identify said elephant as Bozo. He even looks like one...in a China shop.

Sam said...

I'm amazed reading some comments here implying that Johnson is somehow a miracle worker and has some sort of clever strategy that has sidelined Jeremy Corbyn,despite the historic huge vote a Corbyn led Labour garnered just 2 years ago.
Nothing has changed with Labour.
Those who previously voted for a Corbyn led Labour are hardly going to change their minds. Why in the hell would they? Just because some pathological lying carpetbagger has seized control of the Tories via a minuscule vote of party members and the largely right wing media insists on calling for Corbyn's head (why? because they are bloody petrified he might win)an election is there for Labour to win and changing horses to a boring Starnmer etc won't do anything to change voters minds one way or the other.
Why really pisses me off about these naysayers is that they seem deluded and believe all of Britain's 66 million plus citizens are actually fixated on Brexit when a goodly majority of them are sick to death of "Austerity" and every hideous damaging lame policy the Conservatives have foisted on the British public and made life so hard.
Get your head out of your arses or better still-out of the grubby pages (and internet web sites) of these publications. They have a minority readerships and if you think millions of Brits actually believe most of the crap they print you must live in Ivory Towers.

Anonymous said...

I recall a similar event: Alan Minter "Pummelled" Marvin (Later Marvelous Marvin) Hagler.

Viewers may recall Minter's unique strategy of headbutting Hagler's gloves.
Rowdy crowd at that one too.
Ugly scenes, but not as ugly as Gove.

Anonymous said...

Long term, watch how corporate media gives increasing "coverage" (aka right wing propaganda support) to Bomber Benn and "Sir"* Keir Starmer. Both are playing a long game. Both have previously betrayed the founding principles of the Labour Party. They would do so again at the drop of a hat...and they would drop the hat themselves.

*The "Sir" is always a giveaway when used by forehead knucklers.

LiamKav said...


It depends on why people are voting. Sometimes you vote for something and sometimes against. The most common argument I've seen is that Labour benefitted a lot from "Anyone but the Tories" last time, especially from people desperate to stop Brexit. After a couple of years of Labour's... confused position, those same people might now see the LDs or the Greens or the SNP as a better alternative for getting Brexit stopped.

It definitely feels like we're entering the endgame but I have no idea where we'll be in a month, let alone 6 or so. It'd be entertaining to watch if it wasn't for the horrendous harm that's already been done and could still easily get worse.

LiamKav said...

Also quickly on your "austerity" comment... You'd think people would be sick of it, but a lot of these people also believe the lies like "the country needs to tighten it's belt" and "immigration is causing massive NHS waiting times". For a lot of people austerity isn't the fault of the Tories, it's simply something that has to be done. Like the EU the problem is in convincing people that they've been lied to about the actual cause of their problems.