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Friday 26 October 2018

UKIP Leader’s Westminster Meltdown

As if to prove that UKIP’s alleged leader Gerard Batten is a clueless lightweight who is not fit to lick the boots even of former Oberscheissenführer Nigel “Thirsty” Farage, he has experienced a very public sense of humour failure on College Green, opposite the Houses of Parliament, merely because a passer-by took the piss out of him.
I em not a racialist, but, und zis is a big but ...

It’s the kind of incident that Mr Thirsty would have just shrugged off with a bit more gob and a little laughter. Not Adolf von Batten. The encounter he had with Steven Bray, the man in the "Stop Brexit" hat, showed him unworthy of being an elected representative.
Steven Bray ((c) Alamy)

Bray introduces the short video “So this is Gerard Batten down on the Green doing an interview”. He also catches the presence of Carl Benjamin, who styles himself Sargon of Akkad, standing there like a spare part, but also wearing a leering grin.

Then, as the interview ends, he approaches The Great Man. “Mr Batten, it’s not going very well, is it?” Batten greets him with a cheery “Why don’t you fuck off”. Bray continues “Pardon? Pardon? It’s not going well, is it? Was that a ‘why don’t I fuck off’”.
It was all going a bit Derek and Clive, as Batten confirmed “Why don’t you fuck off. Why don’t you get your own TV interview, because no-one [unintelligible]”. Bray retains his sense of humour. “I only shouted because your man there was pushing me out of the way”. Batten then made matters worse, if such a thing were possible.

You can’t get your own TV interview, cos no-one wants to talk to you, so why do you do [unintelligible] … if someone was interviewing you over here, I wouldn’t come in and barge behind you”. He’s a party leader, remember. And it got worse.

Bray interrupted the Batten drivel. “Let me tell you something … I think that’s disgusting. I’m not going to sink to your level”. Then Batten really lost it. “The last time you spoke to me, you called me a Gammon, which is a racist slur [?], so don’t tell me you’re not sinking to my level, because you were at a lower level a long time ago”.
At this point, Batten suddenly realises that this is not at all good for his image, tarnished though it already is, and uncharacteristically uses the not at all English phrase “Au revoir” as he takes his leave, with Benjamin still standing there like a spare part with the leering cheesy grin still there on his Boat Race. But Bray catches up with him.

It’s not going well, is it? What’re you going to do with the Irish border, then? Nothing. cos you’re not in power. Your party’s finished”. “Go away” pleads Batten.

So there you have the great hope from the Planet Kipper. Batten doesn’t understand what the term “Gammon” means, he’s bereft of a sense of humour, he’s palling around with someone [Benjamin] whose crude attempts to obstruct Bray didn’t work, and remember that Benjamin has a back catalogue of racism and paedophilia apology.

Gerard Batten is unfit for any kind of political office. Just rejoice at that news.
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