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Monday 15 October 2018

Dan Wootton - Strictly A Turkey

After all the coverage given to the latest series of Strictly Come Dancing in the wake of one couple from the show being caught in a drunken embrace, it was inevitable that the Murdoch goons at the Super Soaraway Currant Bun would want a piece of the action, despite their loathing of the BBC. So it was that alleged “Executive Editor” Dan Wootton came forward with another highly creative slice of not-really-journalism.
The steaming turkey resulting from Wootton’s exertions - or, more likely, someone else’s exertions to which his by-line has been attached - warranted a front page lead. “Strictly Exclusive … Judges’ fury as kiss pair dodge the bullet … Dancers upset after couple got extra help … SHIRTY DANCING”. And there was, unfortunately, more.

STRICTLY Come Dancing judges and dance pros were furious last night after love rats Seann Walsh and Katya Jones avoided the chop … And dancers were upset that the pair - caught snogging in the street - got extra help from a choreographer for their Charleston. Katie Piper was axed from the BBC1 show”. Do go on.

Strictly Judge Craig Revel Horwood, 53, vented his fury backstage, blasting the ‘ludicrous’ decision to spare them … Meanwhile Katya’s dance colleagues were upset that she and comic Seann got extra help from a choreographer for their tricky Charleston routine”. And what would be the source for this weapons-grade drivel?
A show source said: ‘There was a lot of anger backstage on Saturday. The feeling from the professionals and judges was that Seann and Katya deserved to go — but they weren’t even in the bottom two’”. Ah, that catch-all “show source”.

It was a “A show source” which made all those claims about Alexandra Burke last December that turned out to be a load of malicious rubbish. It was the result of Wootton failing to get an interview with Ms Burke - so he just ordered up a hatchet job on her.

How can we tell that this latest Strictly story is bunk? Well, remember the “extra help from a choreographer” claim? Read down the article a bit and … “Producers had given Seann, 32, and 29-year-old Katya a choreographer to aid their preparations … ‘And although all pairings were allowed the luxury, colleagues felt it unjust”.
Ho yus. And which “colleagues” were those? Have a guess. “A dancing source said: ‘Some were saying it’s unfair as they’re getting extra help when they’ve caused all this trouble … But producers did not want them to be seen dancing alone’”. Yes, Wootton and his droids made that up, too. It’s total invention, just to try and score sales and clicks on the back of a hit show - from the broadcaster the paper wants to see abolished.

There is, of course, a solution to this dishonesty. Don’t buy the Sun.
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mirandola said...

I can't see the Beeb being that upset about all this publicity.

The Super Soaraway Sun are merely adding to the viewing figures of the hated Beeb.

One might almost think that the BBC had concocted the whole story.

Mark said...

It is, as you say, ridiculous. Eech couple always gets extra help to perform the charleston so his allegation that some would be angry at this is a nonsense.

Anonymous said...

It's the Russians I tell you, THE RUSSIANS!!!

Meanwhile, in the Yemen, Afghanistan and the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul......

Still, it's all a LARK innit? An' gawd bless the royal weddin' - Don't 'ave eenuff of 'em we don't.

Anonymous said...

and Meghan's up the duff too, lawks, what do we need distracting from in a few months time, I wonder?

Stephen said...

God, those teeth.

And last week he reported a joke by Diane Morgan as fact.

danny said...

Of all the things to complain about The Scum you pick this.

Forget the racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia and baiting of benefit claimants and attacks on Muslims, no celebrity bollocks is what we should be focusing on.

Get back on focus man.

The Toffee said...

What danny said^^^

You're far better than this, Tim. And we all know wootton's a gobshite by virtue of his employ(er).

nparker said...

Danny, Zelo Street focuses on those things too, far more in fact. Also, it isn't your blog.

There's plenty of room for different articles- no paper is used.