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Sunday 28 October 2018

Far Right Media Invites - We Have To Talk

Hello BBC people. And hello too to Sky News, ITV, Channel 4, and all those radio stations that do talk and politics. Yes, I know it’s none of my business who you invite on all those shows. But that’s not the point of this post. Yes, you have the freedom to give platforms to whomsoever you want. The flip side is that everyone else has the freedom to not only call you out over those choices, but to point out that actions have consequences.
For years now, all of you have, to a greater or lesser extent, given airtime to some of the most vicious bigots, rabble-rousers and shit-stirrers known to humankind. Most of these are on the fringes of the Tory Party, represent UKIP, or in the case of one or two notable examples, are just in it for Themselves Personally Now. At first it all looked like good, clean, knockabout fun. Not any more. And we know where it’s going.
All we need to do to figure out where this leads is to look across the North Atlantic, to where Combover Crybaby Donald Trump - much courted by the Tory right and Kippers - has made hate speech into the deadliest of arts. Just how deadly was summed up yesterday by Bill Palmer of the Palmer Report.
Trump: Hillary, Obama and these other Democrats are criminals … Guy in Trump van tries to kill that same list of people [sends pipe bombs to them] … Trump: LOL … Trump, yesterday: globalists (Jews) should be locked up … Robert Bowers shoots up a Pittsburgh synagogue today. This isn’t hard to figure out”. Eleven died in that Synagogue shooting.
Where does the media come in? Sarah Kendzior had that figured out. “Trump wants to keep stoking the violence, but he needs help. And unfortunately, he gets his help from the media - when they air the rallies, when they don't correct the lies, when they 'both sides' the narrative. They legitimize it”. Ring any bells, UK broadcasters?
Those broadcasters - and especially the BBC - give a platform to the likes of Nigel “Thirsty” Farage, who talked recently about “shutting down” George Soros. Last week, a fanatical Trump supporter sent Soros a pipe bomb through the mail.
Farage’s successor Gerard Batten is given a platform. He’s a charmless and dishonest thug who wants UKIP to co-opt Stephen Yaxley Lennon, who styles himself Tommy Robinson. Lennon is another dishonest thug. Both seek to demonise Muslims, using discredited “research” from groups like Quilliam to link Muslims to sex crimes. Hate crime reports have recently soared. Join the dots, do the math, as they say.
The Beeb excuses admitting the far right to its airwaves by talking of balance, or that those people are somehow newsworthy, the response from LBC to their invitation to white supremacist Steve Bannon. But these are the voices of the intolerant, whipping up the mob, setting one group against another, stoking resentment and indeed violence for political ends. The conclusion of Karl Popper was never more relevant.
So the message to our broadcasters is clear: if you keep giving the oxygen of publicity to those whipping up hatred, what is happening in the USA right now will happen here very soon. There should be no platform for purveyors of hate speech.

Terrorism and its perpetrators are out of order. No matter how white they are.
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rob said...

You don't think "political sensitivity" is involved?@1

Anonymous said...

If you keep giving the oxygen of publicity to those whipping up hatred, it has consequences. Your thinking being the far-right and MSM will be responsible if when any atrocity occurs and not the perpetrators, typical left "I blame society" thinking. Of course this doesn't apply if it involves the BBC's go-to islamic social commentator Anjam Choudary and others excusing terrorist atrocities carried out in the name of islam, in those cases it is always "nothing to do with islam". Yet none of them will disavow the passages in the Koran that these terrorists point to as justification for their actions.

Mark said...

Well said Zelo Street, well said.

Arnold said...

"So the message to our broadcasters is clear: if you keep giving the oxygen of publicity to those whipping up hatred, what is happening in the USA right now will happen here very soon."
It already has. Remember Jo Cox?

Tim Fenton said...


The idea that those who want no platform to be given to one set of extremists believe that the same platform should be given to another set of extremists is fallacious.

Anjem Choudary was, essentially, a media creation, not unlike some of the White Far Right. He, too, should not enjoy a platform. If we do not tolerate the intolerant, no exceptions are made.

You're welcome.

RodJ said...

@ Tim Fenton in reply to @2. Hear, hear.

Without the media most of these people would be harmless nutters like the man who used to wander round the West End with a sandwich board denouncing protein. So why do the media pay them so much attention?

Anonymous said...

Thanks Tim, pity you didn't make that clear in the article by sticking Choudary in it!

Anonymous said...

Of course it was NEVER "just a bit of fun". IT HAS ALWAYS BEEN RIGHT WING PROPAGANDA.

The best you can say about it is that the least* offensive element of it is unctuous patronising bullshit.

Most corporate media "journalists" are riddled with moral or cowardly financial corruption. Hardly any of them would know a genuine hard day's work if it jumped up and twanged their puppet strings. But they sure know how to lie and promote willfull ignorance. We can't discuss their credibility level because they don't have one. Despicable people.

*Strictly relative of course.

Andy McDonald said...


Because producers need to fill space, and a plausible manner and bigger than average vocabulary conceal a multitude of sins.