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Sunday 14 October 2018

Anti-Semite Joins Tories

We are constantly told that Labour is the party with the anti-Semitism problem. This has become the established narrative, parroted across press and broadcast media by those who perhaps ought to know better. Because the Tories, meanwhile, are getting a free pass on the issue - and, as Zelo Street told recently, it is one they do not merit.
Worse, The Blue Team has now admitted to its membership ranks someone who has recently lost an honorary position after making anti-Semitic statements (plural). Yet no-one from our free and fearless press challenges chairman Brandon “Barrow Boy” Lewis on this growing cancer within the organisation for which he is supposed to be responsible.
This latest shameful act came to light yesterday, when Godfrey Bloom - so poisonous that even UKIP didn’t want anything to do with him - Tweeted “The Conservative Party have relented. My membership card arrived today. I suspect the personal intervention of David Davis. Membership number 528905543 Haltemprice & Howden. More I suspect on this soon”. More soon? For once, Godders is erring on the side of understatement.
It was Bloom who recently said of of bankers Goldman, Sachs “What better reason to vote leave than being asked to vote Remain by one of the most sinister investment banks in history, other investment bankers call it the Vampire Squid. A bank so devoid of morals even their fellow bankers noticed” and then followed that with “International Jewish bank recommends second vote & we should vote Remain”. Globalists. Jewish Bankers.
At the time, Bloom was was honorary President and chief economist of the Ludwig von Mises centre, named after one of those in the so-called Austrian School. But there is a teensy problem here: Ludwig von Mises was Jewish. It was something not lost on the Centre’s management. Godders soon vanished from the Centre’s website.

The centre told Zelo StreetThe Council of Mises UK removed Mr Bloom as Honorary President. The recent comments from Mr Bloom do not represent the views of Mises UK or any of its officers in any way”. So they didn’t want him, either. But the Tories do.
It gets worse: as Jon Worth pointed out after receiving Godders’ news, “This man: - 2004 said ‘I just don't think [women] clean behind the fridge enough’ - 2008 carried out of the EP due to drunkenness - 2013 referred to women in an audience as ‘sluts’ - 2013 UKIP withdrew the whip from him”. He’s a misogynist and a lush. And an anti-Semite. And a more general racist, with his infamous “Bongo Bongo Land” comments. 

Yet he has been welcomed as a member by the Tory Party. On top of that, the press and broadcast media will say not unadjacent to Sweet Jack about it - not without a significant degree of kicking and shaming. And that’s not good enough.
As this blog has shown repeatedly in the recent past, there is indeed a political party in the UK with an anti-Semitism problem. Where the press and pundit establishment has gone wrong is to pick the wrong one when faced with a choice of just two.

The Tories are happy to accommodate anti-Semitism. I’ll just leave that one there.
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Anonymous said...

Press and broadcast media DO know better.

But the cowardly bastards who work there are too scared to deliver truth. They're too busy spreading lies and hypocrisy.

Mark said...

There was a minor media broohaha a couple of weeks ago when Derek Hatton claimed Labour had relented and allowed him back in (something Labour went on to claim isn't true, though they have said nothing would stand in his way should he wish to rejoin) yet nothing for Bongo Bongo Bloom? Typical

Unknown said...

What's going on with him called himself a Professor? The only thing he professes is racist, sexist bullshit. And while I admit to not checking up on this, I have a sneaky suspicion The Good Professor™ (you can use that one Tim) isn't a General either

Anonymous said...

Sounds perfectly qualified to join the tories.