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Wednesday 31 October 2018

Quilliam - Lily Allan Calls Lawyers

Events are spinning out of control for Quilliam co-founder Maajid Nawaz. His foundation’s “research” on sexual exploitation by so-called “grooming gangs” has been not merely questioned, but dismissed. His defence of that “research” has ranged from silence to deflection. And now his bullying and dishonesty could be about to get him into serious trouble. If only he could just hold his hands up and admit Quilliam got this one wrong.
Instead, the dishonesty has had projection added to it as Nawaz flails around trying to play the victim over the whole mess - a mess entirely of his making. That occurred as he tried to blame singer and campaigner Lily Allen for his problems.
I founded @QuilliamOrg & am a Brit-Pakistani. CEO & co-author of report is @HarasRafiq another Brit-Pakistani, co-author @MunaZainab is also Brit-Pakistani. And you Lily, with your saviour-complex & pop-star privilege,want to pick on 3 Pakistanis trying to improve our own community?” Ms Allen had merely said she did not consider the Quilliam “research” to be up to the mark. She had said nothing more.
Nawaz, though, was by now also going after his fellow LBC presenter Matthew Stadlen, accusing him of bullying. Stadlen was not happy. “Excuse me? Bullying? Please withdraw that question, Maajid. I asked politely and - on your advice - about criticism of the Quilliam report. Muna and I have been in touch by DM and email and are on good terms”.
Nawaz then segued into yet another dishonest attack on Ms Allen. “Withdraw my question? I was asking whether the allegation here made was accurate, as it’s the ‘first I’ve heard of it’. Thank you for answering. I will now ask Muna. She & Haras have been viscously attacked by a mob raised by Lily Allen’s 5.6million and I will not stand for that”.
And on he went: “.@lilyallen tweets me, blocks me after 1 reply, yet she’s *still* going at me from behind her blockage. Seriously dude, enough with your white saviour complex & alternative facts. Over representation of Brit-Paks in rape-gangs is a thing. And we’re the Brit-Paks here,not you”. I will say this only once: that British people of Pakistani heritage wrote the Quilliam “research” does not mean it is right.
Ms Allen was by now tiring of Nawaz’ vicious dishonesty. “Can’t see your name here, why are you lying? And then playing the victim? You came hurling insults at me for daring to question Quilliam’s research, that’s why I blocked you, I don’t want, need or deserve to see abuse on my timeline. I’m literally not going at you, so please stop”. She then made her position crystal clear: “Literally not said anything about him”.
This was just the signal for Nawaz to double down on victimhood and projection. “When a pop star with 5.6m followers openly bullies a British Pakistani woman (working on my behalf) speaking out against gangs of organised rapists in our own community, who is a survivor of one such brief experience, forgive me for defending the weak here (clue: not the pop star)”. An exasperated Ms Allen observed “Literally just making things up now”.
One Tweeter had to point out “Ermmm Maajid with all due respect Lily has literally not made any comments about you or Muna. No one is diminishing anyone’s experience of anything”. It made no difference. Nawaz’ bullying just rolled right along.
Shame on you @lilyallen for rabble rousing your 5.6 million followers to silence this Pakistani woman and her lived experience. And shame on your posh socialist ‘activdemic’ friends in elite universities. We live this life, while you fret, preen & try to sing songs. Shame on you”. Nawaz went to an elite University.
Meanwhile, another Tweeter had seen enough, and advised Ms Allen “this is twitter harassment & borderline stalking by maajid”. She confirmed “Lawyers have been notified”.
Seriously, Lily Allen has done no more than pass one adverse comment on the Quilliam “research”, which is now being taken apart - but by others who specialise in research. Maajid Nawaz’ obsessive pursuit of Ms Allen is not merely creepy and gratuitous, it is bang out of order. He’s been put on the spot on that “research”, which is being weaponised by the far right in order to demonise Muslims - including those Nawaz claims to represent.

So perhaps he could stick to the point and answer the question. Just a thought.
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Anonymous said...

I'm sure Nawaz will be equally concerned to help Quilliam's "research" into centuries old sexual abuse in the Catholic/Protestant churches and organised paedophilia in the British Establishment. After all, both horrors and the implications have been shovelled under the carpet as quickly as corporate media can manage it.

But maybe he won't.

Anonymous said...

This is disgusting, you are seriously trying to say Pakistani Muslim are made up, what about all their victims are you and Me Allen calling them liars?

Anonymous said...

Why would he? he's speaking out regarding his own Muslim community. The church is doing are making there own investigations, but by your ridiculous reasoning they too would be guilty of targeting the entire Catholic community in doing so!

Anonymous said...

Anon 15:08.

Well, it could be, you know, so Nawaz helps himself to understand the full depth of the issue and how this tragedy is a human not an ethnic minority problem. Moreover, that it is global and not limited to skin colour, nationalities, specific religions or communities.

But to do that, Nawaz will first have to divest himself of a deserved reputation for making cheap sensationalist shots at easy targets - all to seek favour from the media establishment. He sounds and looks more and more like a male equivalent of Kate Hopkins. Thus proving opportunist spivery too is not limited by gender or the colour of someone's skin.

If Nawaz seeks a path to decent understanding and common sense I'll wish him good luck. Until then......

Anonymous said...

1523 victims in Rotherham alone, and you people are saying this isn't a problem specific to Pakistani muslims? What is the purpose of your self-delusion, your deceit and lack of understanding and compassion for the victims?

Tim Fenton said...


One, please provide a reliable citation for your Rotherham claim.

Two, pointing out that the Quilliam "research" is seriously flawed does not mean anyone lacks compassion for victims of sexual abuse.

Three, the rest of your abuse is not worth a reply.

nparker said...

Wow, the Anonymous accounts are working overtime to... spout barely intelligible goobledegook.

"You're criticising a dumbo, you must hate victims of sexual abuse" makes no sense. "I don't understand or know the figures, so it must be a Pakistani problem" makes no sense. "I'm going to pretend you're saying something different to what you say, so you're insulting victims" makes no sense.

There is no level at which bigots like this can respond on the level of ordinary people.

Anonymous said...

Well Tim l saw the figure of 1523 in the Guardian this week, quoted from the Operation Stovewood enquiry into child sexual exploitation in Rotherham.

Shame you are not so widely read, seems you close your eyes to the truth for reasons of idealogical sympathy. Perhaps one has to live cheek by jowl with these communities to see why it is a problem specific to Pakistani males.

Tim Fenton said...


Very good - you missed out one little word there.

That word was *potential*. 1523 *potential* victims.

But in your world, those *potential* victims have become *actual* ones.

Exactly who is doing what because of "ideological sympathy" I will leave for others to draw their own conclusions.

Also, interesting that you use the Stephen Lennon wording there - "THE TRUTH". Except it isn't.

You're welcome.

Anonymous said...

Very good Tim, shoe-horned a reference to the far-right in there, not applicable but mud can stick. The number of victims who have come forward is 1523, the potential victims go way beyond that.

You speak as if moves to counter jihad are somehow racist, and therefore to be disparaged. Having lost the argument, progessives label anyone justifyingly opposing islamification of their country as bigots, facists, racists and thugs. Just remember - every country or region under sharia law started out as a non-muslim country or region. Crewe will not be exempt.

My view is that anyone promoting pluralism is preferable to the above even with their faults. How Islam has managed to become a progressives cause is beyond logical reasoning. The fruits of the current attitudes can be seen in Rotherham, Oxford, Telford, Huddersfield etc etc

Tim Fenton said...


I am going with the citation and the figure you provided.

The number of *potential* victims is not "way beyond" 1523. The 1523 figure is *potential* victims. You have no idea whether any of them have come forward.

As to Jihad, this is irrelevant. Jihad has nothing to do it. Nor has "Islamification".

Crewe is not a country. And I couldn't give a stuff what your view is.

Now run along and troll someone else.

You're welcome.

O O O'Hanraha'hanrahan said...

Are there two Anonymous posters who have difficulty with the word 'potential' or just one?
Posting of 27 October 2018 at 20:12

Anonymous said...

Tim, you're wasting your time trying to explain the English language to this guy.

Meanwhile, I'll watch with interest as Britain becomes "Islamified" just as England and the British Empire became Irishfied, Welshfied and Scotchfied. And those three ancient Celtic nations became Anglicised. To say nothing of polyglot Europe and the USA. Or the enforced Africanisation of the Caribbean and Central and South America. And that's just the edge of eternal human movement.