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Sunday 28 October 2018

Top Six - October 28

So what’s hot, and what’s not, in the past week’s blogging? Here are the six most popular posts on Zelo Street for the past seven days, counting down in reverse order, because, well, I have domestic stuff to do later. So there.
6 Quilliam Grooming Gang Claims BUSTED Once again, the assertions of Maajid Nawaz and his pals that 83% of grooming gang CSE are down to Asian men have been shown to be bogus.

5 Jewish Chronicle Smears Jewish Activist The smearing of Annie Cohen, followed by a refusal to acknowledge her complaint, could prove expensive.

4 Kate Hoey Endorses Known Racist The semi-detached Labour MP should not have gone near Avi Yemini, who had been banned by Facebook - twice.

3 Tommy Robinson Trial Delayed - Payday! Stephen Yaxley Lennon’s contempt of court case has been referred to the Attorney General, which means yet more money making opportunities - for him, that is, not for his followers.

2 Tommy Robinson Fans Taken For Mugs Those donating to the cause of Stephen Yaxley Lennon are funding a financial model and subsequent lifestyle that work for him - and only him. We’re talking millions here.

1 Huddersfield - Tommy Robinson’s Shame 20 perpetrators of serious and vile sexual abuse received sentences totalling over 280 years - and one selfish self-promotion artist could have collapsed the whole trial.

And that’s the end of another blogtastic week, blog pickers. Not ‘arf!

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