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Saturday 13 October 2018


After he took over as head man at UKIP, Gerard Batten yanked the party further to the right, embracing a whole swath of Alt-Right idiocy, including smartarse bigot Carl Benjamin, who styles himself Sargon of Akkad, Battersea bedroom dweller Paul Watson of InfoWars infamy, and Mark Meechan aka Count Dankula, whose fame stems from training his partner’s dog to respond to the shouted comment “Gas the Jews”.
I em not a racialist, but, und zis is a big but ...

Adolf von Batten also believes that the Kippers would benefit from the presence of Stephen Yaxley Lennon, who styles himself Tommy Robinson. So when he appeared on the BBC Politics Live panel yesterday, he should have been prepared to be questioned on his wanting Lennon to join UKIP. Instead, he spent most of the interview displaying a combination of petulance and condescension towards host Jo Coburn.
Jo Coburn

He would like Lennon to join UKIP, she observed, and then reeled off the Lennon back catalogue, including the serial criminality and his threats against the Muslim community when he led the EDL. What say Batten? “You producer asked me on to this programme to talk about Brexit, and I said I’d do that, and they said Tommy Robinson might come up, and I said OK … I’ve come here today to talk about Brexit”.

But Ms Coburn wanted to talk about Stephen Lennon. “Now it seems to me that the media is obsessed with Tommy Robinson. If you want to talk about [him], why don’t you invite him on to your show?” Ms Coburn was not impressed. “Gerard Batten, it is you who has made Tommy Robinson a thing as far as you leadership is concerned … you want him to join UKIP”. She pointed out UKIP’s proscription of former EDL members.
She wasn’t finished. “It is perfectly fair to ask you questions about why you want Tommy Robinson, and I have put into context who Tommy Robinson is. Why do you want that man to join UKIP?” It should have dawned on Batten by this point that Ms Coburn is not backward in coming forwards to assert her authority over the Politics Live panel.
This she did, despite the loathsome Toby Young pretending to have intellectual heft he does not possess and whining about Brett Kavanaugh being the victim of “anti-white racism” (which is bullshit, and totally irrelevant). Adolf von Batten spent so much of the time allotted whinging that Brexit did not get a look in - that was his own fault.

Did The Great Man accept this? As if you need to ask. Batten declared that he had been the subject of an ambush, carped about Ms Coburn being “aggressive”, and told his followers that this was an example of the “total bias of the BBC”.
Then he whined “I don’t know about you, but I’m fed up with having to pay the licence fee to be subjected to a barrage of their politically correct political bias”. He urged those of like mind to assist his campaign to abolish that licence fee, and the Beeb with it.
So Adolf von Batten goes on Politics Live, gets Pwned, whines about it so much that there is no time to discuss his pet subject, then blames someone else and declares that the BBC should be abolished for daring to show him up for being a Dick. Which he is.

And he wonders where UKIP’s support has gone. I’ll just leave that one there.
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Anonymous said...

What's Adolf Batten complaining about?

He only had done to him what HE wants to do to "immigrants" and "Muslamics".

Seems fair to me. A perfect demonstration of his own methods and its consequences.

I'm all in favour of letting UKIP-EDL meffs make even greater arse heads of themselves.

For once a BBC "presenter" did a good job. Makes a difference from allowing the usual tory to escape via weasel words.

Unknown said...

I always wonder why being rube about the Germans never counts as racism. I think you mentioned the war once or twice, and I don't think you should get away with it.

Anonymous said...

"Who came out on top...?" I think anyone watching would have had a fair idea, as will anyone reading his whines.

I Second That ... said...

If they get Tommeh to sign up, they could change their name to: Blokey Robinson and the Testicles (BRatT).

Anonymous said...

Unknown @ 18:00.

The target was Nazism, which was born in Germany. Its leader was Adolf Hitler.

It was in all the papers at the time - particularly the Daily Mail - and since.