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Thursday 25 October 2018

Tim Montgomerie Clinton Smear Bombs

After several leading political figures in the USA, including two former Presidents, had what appear to have been pipe bombs sent to their homes, not even Combover Crybaby Donald Trump was prepared to sit back and say nothing, despite his incendiary rhetoric having most likely contributed to the actions of whoever was responsible. But one serially clueless pundit here in the UK was prepared to stick his head above the parapet.
To no surprise at all, that pundit was Tim Montgomerie, famous because he declared to the world that he was, honestly, and the media establishment, to its shame, believed him, rather than calling him out as a clueless lightweight who would have difficulty identifying serious political analysis, even if it jumped up and kicked him in the undercarriage.
The level of stupidity on display from Monty this time needed no introduction, no explanation. “The Alex Massie award for jumping on an outrage for political gain goes to Hillary Clinton; immediately using today’s mail bomb episode to drum up support for Democrats in the midterms”. How dare Hill not keep schtum about someone trying to take out her and Bill, eh? I mean, who do these people think they are?
Condemnation of the Monty maliciousness was immediate, with Sarah Morton pointing out to The Great Man “HC was already scheduled to speak/rally in support of [Democrat candidates] in Florida. Press would have expected her to make ref to the fact someone posted a bomb to her! She made a relatively short statement at the beginning, then carried on with the reason she was there, campaigning!” Quite so.
John Rain tried a mildly sarcastic nudge. “Quite right, I know if someone sent me a bomb in the post, I'd probably say nothing about it”. Harry Kind, though, was more direct: “Frankly, you get a bomb in the mail you deserve to plug whatever you damn well want. I'd even check out her Soundcloud”. This was a popular theme.
It was taken up by Rachel Cunliffe of free sheet City AM, not exactly a hotbed of leftism, who replied “Mate, the woman had a bomb sent to her house. I'd say she can react however she she damn well wants. Maybe be outraged about someone attempting to kill her and other prominent leftwing figures?” to which Ben Kelly added “Yeah and it’s directly related to the rhetoric of her opponents right up to the President who has stoked this!
And while Oliver Burkeman of the Guardian tried the gentler approach with “I think there's a typo in this tweet? It looks like you're claiming that responding to political violence *aimed at your own person* by calling for peaceful participation in politics is bad, but I can't believe anyone would actually believe that”, Ross McCafferty just said “You need help”.
In any case, as Bart Crisp told Monty, Hill was merely doing the decent thing. “Protip Tim: when the President calls for violence against his political opponents and those opponents then have bombs sent to them, saying ‘don't vote for the violent ones’ is not opportunism, it's basic human decency”. There was little response in favour.
All that was left was for David Watkins to conclude “Tim youre heading into the Sunday League Division 9 with @toryboypierce”, and another Tweeter to remind Monty of his supposed faith: “What a lovely Christian sentiment”. Some Christian - some sentiment.
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Anonymous said...

An awful lot off US chickens are clucking home to roost......

rob said...

“What a lovely Christian sentiment”. Some Christian - some sentiment."

Lots of similar sentiments from the "so called" Evangelicals in the USA in the past, currently and presumably in the future too.

No coincidence I'm sure.

Another member and useful idiot of The Old Murdoconian Mutual Aid Society? They certainly get around (and abound) don't they?

Does he think that loaning out the Tory Party to the Ukippers is a good idea for the UK too?

Anonymous said...

Ironically, Oliver Burkeman is currently presenting a four-part serial on Radio 4 entitled... "Why Are We So Angry?"

Anonymous said...

One of those charming Evangelicals who "laid hands" on President Trump the other day was on Fox News soon after and proclaimed Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg should be "shot for treason" for having the temerity a few years ago to advise Egypt to model it's new Constitution on South Africa's.
Calling for your political opponents to be murdered is de riguere in the USA these days and it's spread to the UK with the tragic murder of a Labour MP. Montgomerie is part of that dialogue.

nparker said...

This makes me feel almost sick.

Someone tried to murder her! I'm very close to crying at how evil these people are. Someone tried to murder her and her family, and Montgomery comes out with THIS? Someone tried to murder her and he says she should shut up about it and go away! Tim Montgomery is a vile, pathetic, evil, sack of shit who we all know will go to the fiery place below instead of the clouds above.

I hate these people. I hate them with everything I have, every fibre of my being. These people are sick and evil, and inhuman. Monsters.

Someone threatened her life, and this evil shitbag says this. No more words.

I hope America votes Democrat, or international society is screwed.