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Friday 19 October 2018

Arron Banks - Whose Money Was It Then?

There are times when even those with rather less common sense than usual realise that they should have kept schtum: as the saying goes, better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open one’s mouth and remove all doubt. And removing all doubt yesterday was the alleged “man who bankrolled Brexit” Arron Banks.
Nigel “Thirsty” Farage’s erstwhile sidekick had been quiet of late, until a string of Twitter events let him to open mouth and insert boot. Worse, it was Farage who started the ball rolling, the subject as so often being Brexit, about which Mr Thirsty talks well, but lies badly. He is yet another of those who, as I told yesterday, moans about the entire process but offers no expertise, no assistance, no solutions, and no credibility.
Squeaky string of consequences finger up the bum time

To deflect from this cretinous inadequacy, Farage Tweeted “The problem is not Brexit, the problem is Theresa May … RT if you agree”. The Observer’s Carole Cadwalladr wasn’t having any of that. “The problem is not Brexit. The problem is the people who sold it to us cheated, lied & broke our electoral laws … RT if you agree”. And 6,600 did just that.
And she wasn’t finished. “The problem is not Brexit. It’s that we don’t know who paid for it. We don’t know where Farage’s mate @arron_banks got his money from. And we don’t know why the government is refusing to say if the authorities are investigating”. Tagging the appallingly gobby Banks had a most unfortunate effect - for Banks, that is.
In he went with both feet, opening mouth some time before the brain followed. “I made my money from insurance, so why don’t you say Arron Banks was funded by the Russians and then I can sue you. Meanwhile , It seems you and @peterjukes went to extraordinary lengths to steal my emails and I don’t think that’s going to end well for you both”.
Banks tagging Jukes also had an unfortunate effect - but only for Banks, as Jukes was ready and waiting. “A. Who are you lawyers now Mischon have gone? Byline has a letter for them … B. They [the emails] weren’t stolen … C. Where’s that police investigation you promised nearly 6 months ago? … D. The British don’t like attempts to intimidate journalists. Try your friends in Russia”. Ouch!
From this we can conclude that Arron Banks, who is once again threatening legal action against his detractors, does not have a lawyer ready to take his instructions. That is most unfortunate, given that Byline Media would rather like to talk to him or her.

Worse, the Police investigation appears to have gone quiet, and given the time lapse, will more than likely be concluded with No Further Action - as there is no credible evidence.
Worse still, Banks has given his opponents the juiciest of bones to chew over. When he said “I made my money from insurance, so why don’t you say Arron Banks was funded by the Russians and then I can sue you”, the obvious corollary came up in flashing neon lights: was it, then, not his money that got thrown at Leave EU and Co?

That would answer the question put by Zelo Street some time ago - about whether Banks had been indulging in money laundering. His Tweet fits that theory like a glove.

Arron Banks really should have kept quiet. And then got himself a lawyer.
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Anonymous said...

So Banks demands Jukes & Cadwalladar libel him so he can sue them but then libels them by accusing them both of theft?.
Odd behaviour.

Darren G said...

The comments on the tweet from Banks are hilarious. Its full of people saying that he was funded by the Russians and they are waiting for Banksy to sure them

Anonymous said...

Regarding Mr. Jukes's item D.

Given far right media ownership and propaganda and cowardice of its "journalists" one is prompted to ask if Mr. Jukes had his tongue firmly in his cheek with that one.

It doesn't make Banks any less of a shithouse of course. But Jukes really ought to ask the logical follow up question: If not Russia, who else had the motive, means and opportunity to provide funds? Qui bono?

rob said...

Banks would be better off applying for a job with the House of Trump Brazening It Out Band of Grifters.

Quickly before it's too late obvs!

rob said...

@ Darren

Sure to sue?
Waiting to insure them against being sued?
Will the result depend on whether Banksy can shred his documents faster than Banksy shreds a work of art?

I thought the whole idea of Brexit was that by fooling some they would be able to screw the country as much as possible.

As hedge managers are wont to point out, where there is muck there is brass and a tanking economy is one hell of an opportunity, barring a total collapse, to get on a bottom rung of a ladder that can only go upwards.