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Tuesday 30 October 2018

Frances Barber’s Ultimate Meltdown

It had to happen: after so many late night Twitter wig-outs from Thesp Frances Barber, usually aimed at anyone not passing adverse comment on Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, or not condemning Scary Muslims™ in the strongest terms, there had to come the ultimate Twitter meltdown. And so it has come to pass, as she has felt slighted by a passing comment from Matt Zarb Cousin. For which she also blames Owen Jones.
The exercise also included Ms Barber’s highly creative version of reality, as can be seen from the first Tweet: “Matt Zarb, I have been informed (as obviously blocked by the child) has called my views ‘repulsive‘ RT’d by Owen Jones. All because I’m a against Anti Semitism. Quite shocking”. I doubt it was that simple. But do go on.
I called out MattZarb for labelling people ‘nonces’ & ‘pedos’ who disagreed with Corbyn. He has never forgiven me. He has the skin of a new born frog. Now he’s trying for a pile on because I’m against anti semitism. Owen Jones is encouraging it. I’m livid”. He is?
Then she really got into her stride: “remember who started this fight. Outrageous little piffle causing pile ons from their brainwashed cult diminishing by the day. I’m on the right side of History. These oafs are misogynist Stalinists”. Yes? Yes yes? Yes yes yes? “Owen Jones bought me a curry once at my dearest friends house. You Absolute Shit trying a pile on”. Is buying someone a curry a euphemism for something bad? Asking for a friend.
But she was off and running. “You see, Eddie Marsan & I are from real Working Class roots. So when you Cadres of The Left tell us what to do,we question & debate. You don’t like that do you Owen Jones? We should shut up & listen to Stalinists from Wickamist [sic] Seumus [sic]. Fuck off”. What’s Marsan got to do with this? Who knows? “Surely the whole point of social media is to get people on board to your cause. Zarbo & Squealer have alienated 1/2 of the normal @UKLabour voters. Lol”. She’s a “normal Labour voter”?
What she was, was serious. “As you can see I’m very furious with Zarbo & Squealer. I won’t let them off lightly. It’s a vendetta now … Thankyou everyone for your support today. I know I get passionate, that’s me. But the thought of Zarbo & Squealer trying a pile on because I’m against anti semitism did it. I’m appalled by them”. What? Whatever.
I’ll probably be banned , but before that happens.. Owen Jones is a great big Cunt . Goodbye”. It was getting late by this point. Jones asked what she was on about. Big mistake. “You And Matt Zarb put your dogs on me. Reap what you sow”.
Then it had become very late indeed. So the rhetoric got correspondingly worse. “I hope those stupid shits Zarbo & Squealer know what they’ve taken on . I’m bloody livid. I won’t ever let this go. I’m on you 2 misogynistic Pratts [sic]. Anything you say from now on”.
There was only time for a late blubber at Owen Jones. “Matt Zarb has persistently sock pupetted [sic] me for 2 years. I am sick & tired of it. He attacked me, you got involved. Do you think I will sit back & say nothing? I’m appalled by you. He is appalling, I thought you were a good person”. Zarb Cousin does not, as far as is known, do sock puppets.
The time comes when some are best advised to step away from Twitter. For Frances Barber, that time passed a while back. Sad, really.
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Anonymous said...

Must have been a good night for her local off licence; do you think she has a slate or pays as she goes?

Anonymous said...

Good grief.

Clearly the woman has what Yanks euphemistically call "issues".

I hope professional help is available for her.

Jonathan said...

Bargain Booze must be busy with the passing trade.

Mark said...

“You see, Eddie Marsan & I are from real Working Class roots"hahahahaha!

Juliet said...

Bullshit. Owen Jones is the ultimate gas lighter. He blocks or demonises anyone who disagrees with him. It’s infuriating and if you guys can’t handle an older woman when she’s angry, it’s on you dudes. And if you print this, I’ll show my arse in Sainsbury’s.

Anonymous said...

Juliet, why do you feel the need to bring gender into it? Gender isn't the reason I find Ms Barber's rants increasingly tiresome and offensive, it's her words full stop. I am sick of her biased Blairite, Islamophobic bile and I genuinely believe she has totally lost the plot. It's not misogyny to say that, so why are you trying to colour it as such? Remember, each time you simplify an argument down to 'it's because she's a woman' or 'it's because she's an older woman' you set feminism back and you show your own ignorance . Good luck flashing your arse at Sainsbury's, I suppose it makes a change from talking out of it.

Mark said...

"Owen Jones blocks and demonises anyone who disagrees with him" Yeah just like Frances Barber and Eddie Marsan do.

Anonymous said...

Juliet 10:04.

Check the Sainsbury opening hours and let us know the branch and time of the "show".

With your permission, I'll inform the media.

Anonymous said...

Juliet, when and where can we see your bottom? Asking for a friend .

Jonathan said...

Julie be careful want you wish for.