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Monday 29 October 2018

Nigel Farage Anti-Semitism Mystery SOLVED

At broadcaster LBC, where former UKIP Oberscheissenführer Nigel “Thirsty” Farage continues to be given a platform to air his appallingly bigoted views, whoever was in charge of the Twitter feed yesterday morning at least had a sense of humour. “In light of yesterday's tragic Pittsburgh synagogue shooting, @Nigel_Farage asks: why is this increase in Anti-Semitic attacks across the US and Europe happening?
Squeaky self-inflicted finger up the bum time
Banksy might be able to help with the answer, too

Ooh, that’s a difficult one. Perhaps the politician who saidthere are other very powerful foreign lobbies in the United States of America, and the Jewish lobby with its links to the Israeli Government is one of those strong voices … Well, in terms of money and influence, they [the Jewish lobby] are a very powerful lobby … There are about six million Jewish people living in America, so as a percentage, it’s quite small, but in terms of influence it’s quite big” on his LBC show could help here? His name was, er, Nigel Farage.
Worse than that, there are the continued utterances from both Farage and his erstwhile sidekick Arron Banks on the subject of George Soros, whose name, as any fule kno, is, like “globalists” and “Goldman Sachs”, code for “Jews”. Take Banks’ snipe at Open Democracy, for starters: “Supporting Goldman Sachs and quoting open democracy (Soros), you have come a long way from your New Labour days! Big banks & business”.
Goldman Sachs? Check! Soros? Check! Bankers? Check! And there was more, with an attack on several Labour MPs including Ben Bradshaw: “So bent @BenPBradshaw & @RhonddaBryant how much money did you take from Open Democracy and George Soros”. Or was it a homophobic slur, too? Whatever. Open Democracy was getting too close for comfort. Hence “More Soros bollocks!
So was Carole Cadwalladr. “Following todays Daily Mail story on dirty money from Soros into Remain projects. It’s an excellent opportunity for both @carolecadwalla & the @guardian to confirm they haven’t been funded by Soros groups”. And the DUP used to channel Dark Money? “For dark money Read money from a UK taxpayer, unlike the Remain groups funded by George Soros (ex Nazi collaborator). Now piss off!
Nice sort, isn’t he? Alastair Campbell was another target for the Soros smear: “Whereas the people’s vote is funded by George Soros inc”. Then it was back to his obsession with Ms Cadwalladr. “What charming friends you have for a @Guardian journalist ! The report they cite is written by Open democracy and funded by George Soros”.
Who else to smear while blowing the anti-Semitism dog whistle? How about David Lammy: “This advert comes to you from an MP that took an undisclosed donation from George Soros”. It wasn’t just Labour MPs too, with Damian Collins the target of “I wonder why you never investigate millions being funnelled into @peoplesvote_uk by Soros inc”.
Back to his obsession with Ms Cadwalladr: “who’s funding you @carolecadwalla. George Soros is pumping billions into politics in Europe but that doesn’t seem to interest you”, before putting his claim to be a raving anti-Semite beyond all doubt. “I suppose there are good Jews and bad Jews, then George Soros”.

So there you are Nige, the mystery of that increase in anti-Semitic attacks is solved. By you looking in the mirror and across and your pal Banksy. Happy to help.
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Anonymous said...

I couldn't give a solid brass shit if Soros is Jewish, Ulster Protestant, Spanish Catholic, Dixie Baptist, Muslim Saudi, Bengali Sikh, Indian Hindu or Russian Orthodox. Stuff all superstitious religion.

What I DO give a shit about is how he accummulated billions without doing anything very much at all. Particularly where it concerns immoral accummulation at the expense of the most vulnerable and honest citizens of this country.

This is but one example of how he operates: https://priceonomics.com/the-trade-of-the-century-when-george-soros-broke/

I don't want his so-called "philanthropy". I want fair and honest conduct and fair shares in public life, not the legalised cheap casino mindset he ultimately represents. The kind of mindset that has corrupted this country and brought it almost to its knees.

Soros is not the only oligarch of course. But you'll search in vain for a list of them in corporate media. Soros is merely typical and more concerned with defending the Las Vegas mentality than promoting genuine democracy. Screw him and his "gifts" - money which was never his in the first place.

damon said...

Soros is “a player” in the political dogfight.
Some people on the right might have anti Semitic intent when they mention him, but not everyone.
Soros is incredibly left wing. Right wing people are going to see him as an opponent.
Which is fair enough. Why do people always have to bring in antisemitism into everything?

Anonymous said...

Well said Sir.
The world does not need Soros or his kind.

Anonymous said...

Anon, tell us why Soros should be singled out when what he does is also done by others who back Brexit and therefore do not show up on the whining and whinging scale by the likes of you.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous 01:21.

Do read the last paragraph at 20:17. It might help your confusion.

Gonzoland said...

Anon 20:17
It was John Major, as Chancellor of the Exchequer and his chums in the Tory Cabinet, who decided to play Sterling casino fashion, not George Soros. The link that you provide spells it out clearly, but you failed to read it correctly.
You blame Soros, but don't notice that it's the Tories who decide to punish the poor for the misdeeds of the rich.

Anonymous said...

Gonzoland at 10:42.

So Soros is completely innocent of the fact that once he helped loot the British economy he wasn't at least partly responsible for the entirely predictable actions of a notoriously far right government?

Christ, that's some leap of "logic" that is: "All he did was loot. It's not his fault a complete government followed his example."

You'll be blaming the victims next. Which is par for the course in what's laughably called "Our culture."

Soros is and always has been an international spiv hiding behind his self-styled "philanthropy". Which he can stick up his greedy arse sideways.

Alternatively, he could of course return entirely all his thieved gains to the rightful owners. Here's a tip: Don't hold your breath.

Gonzoland said...

Dear oh dear Anon.
Looting and thieving are illegal. What Soros did was legal.
"he wasn't at least partly responsible for the entirely predictable actions of a notoriously far right government?" He wasn't. You say that the actions were entirely predictable.
"You'll be blaming the victims next." No, I will not.

Anonymous said...

Gonzoland 17:23.

Yeah, legalised looting and thievery.

You know, like the "debt crisis" of 2008. Or, for that matter, of 1929 and any other variations in between.

They do indeed cost us dear. As did "What Soros did".

Gonzoland said...

Black Wednesday cost £3.3billion.
Maybe the Tories should have held a Referendum and let the people decide on the Sterling Exchange rate?

Compare the one off loss on Black Wednesday with Brexit: -
"The UK economy is 2.1 per cent smaller as a result of the vote to leave the EU. The knock-on hit to the public finances is now £23 billion per annum." - Centre for European Reform 23 June 2018.

You should look at how other countries dealt with 2008.
In France and Germany real wages are up by over 11% from 2008, whereas real wages in the UK have fallen by 4.6%.

Anonymous said...

Gonzoland 19:09.

None of that makes a blind bit of difference to "What Soros did".

Which was, in case you missed it - it was in all the papers at the time - "make" billions on the back of currency spivvery. The man's a barrow boy in a suit with a foreign accent. You'll find loads of them in Canary Wharf and elsewhere in "the City". All "legal" of course, but that doesn't mean they shouldn't be in the slammer for moral reasons.

Here's a constructive suggestion: Write to Soros and ask him to finance new British hospitals and schools to the full amount he "made" out of Sterling. See how far you get.

Gonzoland said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Gonzoland said...

Anon 20:47
Oh, on the contrary, what the Tory Government put in place was at the centre of Black Wednesday.
George Soros was selling a commodity and no one was being forced to buy it.
You mean, build hospitals in competition with Branson and cut his profits? I can't see the Tories accepting that even though they'd be able to cut taxes for the rich as a result of a philanthropic gift.

Black Wednesday was solely the fault of Major and Lamont agreeing on a Sterling exchange rate that was vastly overpriced, but it fades into insignificance when compared with the self-inflicted shitfest post EU Referendum.

Anonymous said...

Gonzoland at 12:17.


The issue is Soros's currency dealings and their moral as well as material effects.

Soros "made" money for doing nothing but press a few buttons. Which affected the value of Sterling and government's ability to borrow to - had they been so inclined, which as tories they weren't anyway - publicly finance new health and education facilities. PUBLICLY finance, NOT the profiteering PFI scam intensified by the New Labour Bair/Brown gang. To claim Soro's action had NO effect is an affront to common sense. Soros was and is a component in the legalised financial corruption currently rotting the global economy. He's as guilty as any other.

Which brings us to the main issue. Which is crucially moral. What Soros does is legal in the sense that purchasing guns is legal in the USA. But the consequences are devastating. In the case of currency manipulation, much, much more destructive of human societies than even gun crime. It is financial anarchy created for the advantage of just a relative few, of whom Soros is one. He gets away with it because the system is rigged to allow him to get away with it. He may be "right" in a rigged legal sense but all the contrived laws in the world will never in the sense of moral decency make him anything more than just another spiv grown rich through legalised thievery.

If you can't see any of this, then frankly you are deluded with nothing to offer but greasy sophistry. In which case the floor is yours. I couldn't be arsed arguing with a brick.

Soros will be delighted with you. I'm willing to bet he likes, nay NEEDS, your kind of cringeworthy apologia. After all, corruption does make the capitalist world turn. Ask those about to be subject to Universal Credit or NHS staff struggling to make targets because of "austerity", the latter of which enables parasites like Soros to exist.

Gonzoland said...

Anon 16:15
One day you may realise that all of your criticisms on this thread should be directed at the Tory Party. The flaw is yours.