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Sunday 11 March 2018

Tommy Robinson Scrap WASN’T

He was going solo, going independent, to bring the real story to all his adoring fans. The message about what was really going on in the world today. And so it was that Stephen Yaxley Lennon, who styles himself Tommy Robinson, fetched up yesterday with his film crew in tow to an area close to Green Lanes in North London. This was where the real story was happening. In a car park, outside a McDonalds.
But what might be happening in that part of the world that merited his attention? At this point, the story gets a little hazy: Lennon was, it seems, there to film people who he claimed were “left-wing extremists”. The problem is that, as with so much else he tells, we have to take his word for it. What does appear to have happened is that, whoever they were, they did not like the idea of him filming them.
So there was a standoff. We can see Lennon, and a group of young men, standing outside the McDonalds. As the Mirror has reported, “From the footage, it appears they are trying to stop Robinson filming them”. Then what happened? “Robinson can be heard asking if they wanted to go 'one on one' before punches and kicks are thrown from both sides”. One hates to be uncharitable, but it does look as if Lennon struck the first blow.
What was clear, though, is that this incident would be milked for all it was worth. Lennon’s pal Caolan Robertson proclaimed “BREAKING: Tommy Robinson was just attacked by far-left thugs in London. Camera woman (Lucy Brown) thrown on the floor and kicked in the head. Cameraman attacked. Microphones & cameras smashed. Police everywhere. Full video coming tonight on Tommy's youtube channel”. And there was more.
Video coming in the next 2 hours of Tommy Robinson being violently attacked in London by violent, left wing extremists”. Basically, it’s about violence. And, as Lennon kept stressing, it was the other lot that done it: “Proud of @georgellewelyn & @lucyfrown today when we were attacked by a masked gang”. And there was someone to talk it up, too.
Yes, Raheem “call me Ray” Kassam was on hand to claim “Tommy Robinson attacked by masked Antifa, his camerawoman assaulted, but @SadiqKhan’s Met Police refuse to do ANYTHING. Simply speaking, this is how small scale civil wars begin”. What a meathead.
Still, on droned Lennon: “VIDEO: Tommy Robinson Attacked By Antifa Gang, Police do Nothing”. Sadly, though, it did not help his cause when his camerawoman took to Twitter to brag “Just took on some Antifa and they are total pussies”. That suggests the “Antifa”, whoever they were, needed some provocation to indulge in a confrontation.
And there’s the rub: Lennon and his pals serve up what they want the world to see, not the whole picture. We don’t see what happened before the confrontation, heck, we don’t even get to find out who this allegedly “left-wing” group were, and why Lennon and his pals were there filming them. We have to keep on taking his word for it.

You go looking for trouble, sooner or later you may find it. In the meantime, it would help if Lennon stopped pretending he’s a journalist. He really isn’t.


Anonymous said...

In the interests of democracy I know and agree we must unequivocally condemn violence by any individual or group.

But I can't help my thought crime, that I hope "Robinson" and his hoppos were reduced to the level contents of a jar of Marmite.

There, I've said it.

Anonymous said...

Anagram of the day:

Dare said...

Loser lennon trying to stage some news. Real 'leftie thugs' would have finished the job when he fell over his own feet, not just walk away.

Pavi said...

" Talks a good fight " typical right whinger thugs and Reeks-Bogg bullies all mouth and dickhead haircuts.
Go looking for bovver and then cry to police when they get the worse of it. Cant even hold their arms up.
I am sure I could put Lennon the 'Glans' on his back and I am well past it.

Unknown said...

Why was it going to take more than 2 hours to upload the video? If I was one of those suspicious people I may think that time for some editing was needed.

Anonymous said...

Is he by any chance a West Ham fan?

Given yesterday, there are unsettling parallels.

Brittun Frist said...

MacD's were doing a Mother's Day Lunch (yeah, I know). Was Lennon simply there to pick one up for his dear mater?

we love Lucy said...

You idiots. Twisting the truth. Everyone saw the full video, he and Lucy were jumped by masked group of 8 far left thugs. They punched a woman to the ground. You will gain many haters with bullshit like this

we love Lucy said...

You deluded idiots. Sheep. Socialist truth twisting lefty blind fascists. Try research. You may learn something. Probably not. Thick twats.

Anonymous said...

Pleeeeease! I saw wrestling bouts on 'World Of Sport' as a kid that were way more convincing. And that Challan Robertson was trying to milk it like his life depends on it? Hmmmmmmmm........
Fakeness ahoy, everyone! Best move on, nothing to see.

nparker said...

@far right stupidity

Yes, you far right Nazi whacko. This country along with many others faced the Nazi onslaught in WW2, and we won. You lost.

You think you coming here and spouting your abusive word salad is going to shut us up?

Try all you like, but you are powerless to stop us from exposing Nazis like Robinson for what they are.

Anonymous said...

It’s funny how people are so bylthe when they see other people in a nasty situation and feeling fear. Who knows what six masked thugs coming towards you are going to do? You don’t have to like Robinson, but his viewpoint is a legitimate one I think.
You know, free speech and all that. Nothing in this piece about how the Antifa movement across the western world have decided that they have the right to decide who is a fascist or a Nazi etc. And they’re going around assaulting people they don’t like, all over the place.
The case of the cowardly Berkley “bike lock attacker” being one of the worst recently. Has there been much condemnation of that attack on an unsuspecting Trump supporter from the political left?

If it wasn’t Robinson, it would be someone else, as there are clearly problems in diversity enriched societies.
But the left seem to always want to play the man and not the issues.
TR is an articulation of the marginalised white working class/football hooligan/geezer part of society.
Some of the things he says are not so different to what Majid Nawaz says on his radio programme.