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Monday 12 March 2018

Far Right Bigot Barred From Britain

After actual Austrian Nazi Martin Sellner, and his partner Brittany Pettibone, were detained on arrival at London’s Heathrow airport and subsequently deported to Vienna, has come news of another far-right activist demonstrating that all those tales about how terrible the UK’s border security is are so much tosh. This time, it was Canadian Lauren Southern who fetched up at the frontier, but got no further.
Lauren Southern ...

Ms Southern’s views are well known to anyone in Britain who caught her brief appearance on Sky News two years ago, which ended up with Kay Burley having to intervene. As was reported at the time, “Republican Lauren Southern, from The Rebel, a conservative Canadian media organisation, questioned why legal immigration ‘even exists anymore’”.
... and her bad news letter

She then lost it big time. “In a discussion about Donald Trump’s presidential campaign and his promise to deport millions of illegal immigrants from America, she said: ‘Everyone seems to feel so bad for all these illegal immigrants and all these refugees coming in on boats … What about the people waiting five years to come in legally? I don’t know why legal immigration even exists anymore when I can just put on some bronzer, get on a dingy boat and just show up at the beaches of Sicily with the Koran in my hand’”.
Added to that, Ms Southern was in the UK only last month and participated in what the authorities have declared to be the distribution of racist material. Worse, it is claimed that she admitted to having done so. So it was that she was informed “I believe that your actions whilst in the United Kingdom present a threat to the fundamental interests of society and to the public policy of the United Kingdom”.
She was therefore refused leave to enter the UK, proving that those open borders the press like to bang on about do not actually exist. It was also a superb opportunity to demonstrate the far right in full victimhood mode, starting with already-deported Brittany Pettibone: “Looks like the border police aren’t allowing @Lauren_Southern to enter the U.K. by bus. Does this mean conservatives are no longer welcome in the U.K.?
Leave EU were close behind. “Now it looks as though popular conservative YouTuber, @Lauren_Southern has also been detained and refused entry to our country. We demand answers, @AmberRuddHR! Are genuine conservatives banned from exercising free speech now?” Like Ms Rudd has time for clowns like these.
An idiot from Canada called Roy Elsworth thought he was appealing to Royalty: “@DukeCambridgeUK   your royal highness  I am from Canada and wanted to tell you that the UK police have just  arrested a Canadian reporter  and would like you to  help get her out of Jail she did nothing wrong but  was on her way to a meeting with Tommy Robinson”.
Sadly, @DukeCambridgeUK is a parody account. Meanwhile, Cassandra Fairbanks whined “So I tried calling @Lauren_Southern and it goes to voicemail. Travelling to the UK is no longer safe it seems” (taking my life in my hands going round to Aldi this morning), and The Columbia Bugle blubbered “The U.K. does not welcome Conservatives anymore”.

We’ve got plenty of our own shit-stirrers, thanks. And sadly, as they live here, we can’t deport them, tempting though it may be. But good to see the swaggering aggression turn to snivelling victimhood. Conservatives we welcome. Bigots, maybe not.


Anonymous said...

Here's an idea: Put her in a leaking rubber dinghy at Dover and tell her she has to get to Calais in it without help*.

That would help clear what passes for her "mind".

*Charge her a couple of K for the dinghy. An outstanding business entrepreneurial opportoonity!

Arnold said...

I feel sorry for the Conservatives, being bracketed with right wing extremists. Only joking.

"There's an FB page called "The Jacob Rees-Mogg Appreciation Group".

It would seem the majority of them on there are horrified about the jailing of Paul Golding and Jayda Fransen of #BritainFirst"


Ted Bangor said...

"Travelling to the UK is no longer safe it seems”

This is exactly the sort of message we want to send out to racists.

Also, interesting that "Conservative" now seems to equal "Racist" or at least "Far Right!" rather than something watered down from those views as it used to.

A.Robot (Mrs) said...


'conservative' has always meant something different in N.America from what 'Conservative' means in the UK (though, given the Conservatives desire since the 70s to dismantle or wreck anything worth conserving in this country, maybe it's time they found another more appropriate name for themselves. Any suggestions, other than the obvious other ones from the 'c' pages of the dictionary?

SteveB said...

I'm quite impressed that we seem to have a black list of these people. Clearly they weren't picked up by a border guard who recognised their faces from newspapers, someone must have put markers in the passport scanning system. Now if they could just translate that to a no fly list and send it to the airline checkins in north America it would make things a lot simpler.

Anonymous said...

Seems like any cunt with a camera and an "88" tattoo can be a journalist these days.

Three in a row!!