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Friday 23 March 2018

Toby Young LOSES Plum Job

[Update at end of post]

Some observers of the Tory right might have wondered why the loathsome Toby Young had broken cover this week, after maintaining a low profile after being caused to resign his ill-advised appointment to the board of the new Office for Students. We now know why that was: Tobes has held on to his £90,000 a year role as director of the New Schools Network, despite that body having had very little work since the General Election.
At the time he stood down from that role at the OfS, the NEU teaching union’s joint general secretary statedToby Young remains, however, director of the New Schools Network - a charity which has received millions of pounds of government funding. Now that knowledge of Young’s repugnant statements are public knowledge, questions must be raised about his continuing employment in this role”. And that wasn’t the end of it.

At the start of this month, Lib Dem education spokesperson Layla Moran, tackling minister Say Gyimah in the Commons over Tobes’ appointment to the OfS, “asked whether, in light of what she called the ‘blatant cronyism’ surrounding the appointment, the government would also be assessing the money it had given to the New Schools Network, the free schools charity where Young is director”. Now we have the answer.

As the Guardian has reported, “Toby Young has held on to his taxpayer-funded post running a free schools advisory service, despite his controversial views on women and genetics, but only after there were no other applicants”. And, whisper it quietly, despite there having been very few Free School applications recently.

There was more: “Sources within the Department for Education (DfE) say ministers have reluctantly decided to reappoint the New Schools Network (NSN) - the organisation headed by Young in his £90,000-a-year role as its chief executive - to a contract to support applicants wanting to open free schools”. But it wasn’t all good news for Tobes.

Young is likely to suffer a pay cut, with the DfE deciding to cut future grants for the NSN and refusing to support its attempts to expand into other areas, such as encouraging schools to convert to academies”. It should be a bloody big pay cut.

Why? Simples: “No successful free school applications have been announced for almost a year, and the government appears to have lost enthusiasm for the project it launched in 2011, with Young’s own West London Free School the first free school to open”. So Tobes has been getting his £90,000 a year for doing not unadjacent to sod all.

Small wonder the Government has been accused of blatant cronyism. Moreover, Tobes is not out of the woods yet: Angela Rayner has written to Theresa May accusing the ministers involved in the OfS row, Jo Johnson and Sam Gyimah, of improper behaviour, thus potentially setting off another row which could engulf him.

If only he would subject himself to those unfettered free market forces which he so loves to see unleashed on others, rather than enjoying a £90k sinecure, and a steady stream of handouts from his pals in the Press Establishment for writing reactionary tosh, eh?

Toby Young clings on - another reason not to vote Tory.

[UPDATE 1530 hours: whether he jumped or was pushed, Toby Young has now departed the New Schools Network.

The NSN's trustees have now told "Toby has concluded that the media attention his continuing presence at the helm of NSN is attracting has become a distraction from the vital work it is doing and, for that reason, he has decided to step down ... The trustees will be announcing the appointment of an interim director in due course. The trustees are grateful for Toby's work during his time here and wish him well in his future endeavours".
Perhaps Tobes has at long last developed a conscience about all that public money he was trousering fro such little service. Perhaps we will find in due course that he has been awarded another plum opportunity by his pals out there on the right. Or perhaps he will now have to start working for a living.

But good to see The Curse Of Zelo functioning correctly once more. Don't let the door hit you on the way out, Tobes]


Anonymous said...


A new way of saying tory corruption.

Rather like "sleaze".

Jonathan said...

Apparently Tobes is hoping to emigrate to Israel to escape the controversy.
Doubt Israel would want another problem.
Tobes would fit perfectly in Russia, where his racist, misogynistic and cronyism would most suited.

Jonathan said...

Well rumours are he can spend more time at his beloved QPR moaning about their relegation struggles.
Rumoursthat Tobes is entering football management havent been denied.

Toby's Mum said...

Sterling work, Tim (and others).
If Hamas find out where he is they'll immediately start lobbing rockets in that direction so I can't see Israel being too keen to take the little gnome.

Anonymous said...

We wait with baited breath to see what goodies will fall from the wingnut-welfare tree.

Perhaps TY will become a Farage like fixture on Question Time.
Maybe host of a radio phone-in show.
Perhaps that "Kids company" requires a kickstart with a thrusting Oxbridge chap at its head.

More likely is a well paid "consultancy role" for Fax, Patel or JRM.