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Saturday 24 March 2018

Brexit Vote Fraud - The Dam Bursts

Why, many politics watchers must have asked this week, was there so much spin deployed in an effort to rubbish the Cambridge Analytica revelations? And why the vicious and intrusive outing, with 10 Downing Street’s knowledge, of Shahmir Sanni by an ex-partner who just happens to now be political secretary to Theresa May? Could the next instalment of this story be that big? It certainly could. And now it’s here.
Earlier this week, I said that what began with the Cambridge Analytica revelations would turn out to be Phone Hacking Take 2. I have to confess that this was a necessary understatement. It is, for the various Leave campaigns and our Press Establishment, far worse. Because when I then said that the Brexit vote itself might be in doubt, this was because it was indeed in doubt. That is what the spin has attempted to cover up.
And what lame spin it has been: from the Daily Mail deploying their unfunny and tedious churnalist Richard Littlejohn to claim “Barack Obama’s gang did it too” (wrong), to Conservative Home’s Mark Wallace claiming nobody really understood the technology (wrong), to the efforts by the perpetually thirsty Paul Staines and his rabble at the Guido Fawkes blog to exonerate Alexander Nix and smear Chris Wylie, it has all been in vain.
Even the outing of Shahmir Sanni is being lamely spun, with the odious flannelled fool Master Harry Cole, who claims to be a journalist, Tweeting pointlessly “A late night statement from campaigning lawyers Bindmans - who refused to talk to the Sun last night - said the gentleman in question was not out. But claims have been met with incredulity in No10. Especially given he was at their Pride party with the PM”.
Our Prime Minister is gay? Er, no. Being at a Pride party does not mean the attendees are all gay, or indeed out. Master Cole was never the sharpest tool in the box, but good to see Bindmans treating the obnoxious SOB with the respect he merits - none at all.

Why this is to no avail will come clear later on Channel 4 News, on whose behalf Hayley Barlow has told “Tonight at 6.30pm on Channel 4 News: PM's political secretary - Stephen Parkinson - and No 10 are under fire - for ‘outing’ an ex-boyfriend and Shahmir Sanni blows the whistle to this programme with sensational claims about the EU referendum”.
How sensational are the claims he will make, and which are likely to be followed up in tomorrow’s Observer? Have a look at this Tweet from Andrew Adonis: “This is the big Brexit story of the weekend. It looks as if parts of the Leave campaign may have been a criminal conspiracy”. Milord presents the very model of understatement.
The central allegation is that not only was there improper behaviour by various parts of the Leave campaign, but that there was a conspiracy between those supposedly independent campaigns, which we are meant to believe were not getting on with one another.
Put directly, the whole Brexit vote is now in serious trouble. And all that those involved in this up to their necks can do is smear viciously and claim they are the victims of “powerful people”. You wondered why there had been all that spin? Now you know.

Someone thought they could get away with breaking the law. But someone was wrong.


Anonymous said...

If this is true, then it puts Corbyn in a mess. The Tories are stuffed of course, but Corbyn would not be able to maintain his Quiet Brexit course if the legitimacy of the vote is so dodgy. He may find his only recourse is to accept a 2nd referendum just days after sacking his Northern Ireland secretary for suggesting it.

Unknown said...

Wow, before we go straight to how Corbyn may or may not fuck this up,with a four stage hypothetical scenario based on opinion... let us see what transpires here first..I hope this is right Tim I will laugh my ass off...
( as an aside that is not why Smith was fired,but whatevs yawnn , as my OH said about Smith's showing off when I told him ,tomorrow's fish & chip papers...)

Unknown said...

even if brexit was reversed the tories have salted all the cash away and the country are wanting change and a strong leader..corbyn is a lion and master of keeping the issue on the economy..change is inevitable..

Anonymous said...

To Anon 17:07.

It doesn't put "Corbyn in a mess" at all.

Smith was rightly sacked because he stepped outside agreed shadow cabinet policy. He knew that policy before he accepted a post with collective responsibilty. Which makes him a hypocrite in this matter. Corbyn trusted him and now knows he made a bad mistake in doing so. Needless to say, the political traitor Umunna got wheeled out immediately to "justify" Smith's betrayal. None of it is a surprise, given the looming local elections. Hence the timing, which suits the ambition of lowlives like Umunna, a conscience-free spiv who reeks of opportunism at any cost. Smith is merely a second-time-around patsy.

If the British people want a second Brexit ballot then they must have one. And the Labour Party would have to acknowledge and action the result - as they have the first result. This is called "democracy", a notion that is not and never will be perfect. Especially when it comes to profoundly difficult issues.

So far, Corbyn has performed impeccably and in accordance with democratic principles. Which is more than can be said for the wretched used-car Smith and those who pushed him forward and then hid behind him.

Anonymous said...

With the appointment of Jennie Formby as Gen. Sec. of the party Corbyn's group are more or less in control of the switches and levers.
So shortly after this shift, the Blair faction needed to fight back. Smith knew he would be sacked, that's why he made the comments. So all the usual suspects were out there this morning expressing their pre- prepared faux outrage. Unfortunately for them the news cycle is not in their favour. Bigger stuff happening,
The channel 4 piece this evening might have the legs. Could be fun.

A.Robot (Mrs) said...

I'm as happy as anyone else to see these twats exposed. But given that we don't have a legal/constitutional system which would follow through on any conspiracy and given that Jo Bloggs doesn't know about this stuff and wouldn't give a fuck if she did, what on earth difference do you really think it will make to anything?
For the aptly-named floaters on the issue of Brexit, the dominant mood remains 'Lets just get on with it, whatever it was that we voted on........'

Ceiliog said...

If someone falsely accused you of something you'd probably respond by saying "That's a lie" or "That's completely untrue".
This is what Victoria Woodcock said, "The gist of those allegations is that I knowingly and deliberately deleted evidence which would be relevant to an investigation in an attempt to frustrate it. I believe that is untrue and completely unsupported by the evidence.”
"I believe that is untrue" ? Is that convincing?

Dave said...

If you're struggling with the concept that you've been lied to you should probably hand the keys to your house to a charity and go live on a park bench.

Anonymous said...

what about Abbot then? she too appeared to call for a second referendum...

Sheffield Mole said...

I think you're quite right. It seems a day is a long time in politics.

Anonymous said...

All the accusations against the Leave campaign cheating have been confirmed.
Boris Johnson's issued a statement saying the whole idea is 'Ludicrous'

Arnold said...

BoJo has given credence to the claims too. "Boris Johnson, the Foreign Secretary and a leading campaigner for Brexit, dismissed claims his side broke electoral spending rules during the 2016 EU referendum campaign as "ludicrous"."