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Wednesday 29 April 2015

Tory Press Go OTT Over Brand

And once again the polls are showing only that no party is establishing any kind of lead: the Sun’s YouGov poll, for example, had the Tories a point in front yesterday, but Labour is one up today. So the right-leaning press has to seize upon anything that might give its preferred party an advantage, and so the news Mil The Younger had paid a visit to comedian-turned-campaigner Russell Brand has been given top billing.
This man is very scary. Allegedly

This is for one reason, and one reason alone: that the right-wing press believes that demonising Brand will damage Labour, propel Young Dave and his jolly good chaps to victory, and thereby prevent any prospect of anyone following through on the Leveson Inquiry, so they can carry on treating anyone who gets in their way like so much disposable cannon fodder. So today’s ridicule has gone off the scale.

After Sturgeon, the Loony Leftie … MONSTER RAVING LABOUR PARTY … ‘Mockney’ Miliband cosies up with Brand” screamed the Sun front page, with the supporting article immediately available on SunNation (not that they’re desperate to get more people to read it), and telling “THE MILI-BRAND MEETING OF MINDS MAKES NO SENSE … The cod philosopher's meeting with the Labour man makes no sense”.
That's what I bladdy think of youse bladdy social bladdy media following, ya bladdy Pommie drongoes!

D’you think the Sun wants to give the impression that it makes no sense? And, as the man said, there’s more: lots of, well, cod reasons why Ed shouldn’t have done it, with the helpful addition of Dave saying what a Jolly Bad Joke it all was. But if you thought the Sun gave Miliband a rough ride, you ain’t seen the Mail. Here, the legendarily foul mouthed Paul Dacre ordered a full scale assault on the Labour leader.

Do you really want this clown ruling us? And no we don't mean the one on the left: 'Pathetic' Miliband savaged for Brand video stunt” rants the headline, with the article continuingEd Miliband was condemned as 'desperate and pathetic' for agreeing to be interviewed by controversial comedian and self-styled revolutionary Russell Brand”. Readers were reminded that Brand was “a former drug addict”.
What's so f***ing wrong with kicking someone I don't like, c***?!? Er, with the greatest of respect, Mr Jay

This from a paper that lionises the Rt Hon Gideon George Oliver Osborne, heir to the seventeenth Baronet, who, er, you didn’t know? Ask Natalie Rowe. Meanwhile, the Mail had instructed the odious Quentin Letts (let’s not) to have a good sneer. Quent told “we had a short burst of a video interview the Labour leader has done with that ghastly creep Russell Brand”. Pot and kettle, eh? It got worse.

It was so sugary, I felt a little diabetic high coming on”. Try cutting down on the pints of Crème de Menthe. And worse: “The two men, one a multi-millionaire the other the son of Left-wing privilege”. Says a product of expensive private education. Try again. “He told us about his Dad. The Marxist one”. You mean the one who volunteered to fight for Britain against the Nazis, while your editor’s dad chickened out. Yeah, right.

All they have is abuse. The papers that lauded Mrs T. They really are running on empty.


rob said...

Ode to newspaper code

Tom, got your lines right on time
We think they need a bit out more slime
And a bit more of the ol' gung ho
Do-n-do-d-do-n-do right here we are
Just copy Rupe's telephoned lines

We get the news we trust on the weather report
We can gather all the news we trust on the weather report
Hey, we've got nothing to do today but smile
Do-n-doh-d-doh-n-doh and here we are
Gettin' UK news courtesy New York

Dacre got the blues now all right
He's up for a gong so now must fight
Russell and Ed might steal the show
Do-n-doh-d-doh-n-doh so here we are
New hatchet job, seeds of doubt to sow

Half of the time we're gone
But we don't know where,
We just don't know where

Bob said...

Brand has 9.5m twitter followers.
Miliband & Cameron 'Mr and Mrs' show with Paxman watched by 3m.
Viewing figures for the saintly Margaret on Saturday Superstore not yet in.

rob said...

Messy medley update

When The Scots Sun calls it for the SNP
The other Sun disagrees
It's confusing, so confusing

When The Sun displays a split personality
It shows up their hypocrisy
It's revealing, so revealing

SNP, they don't mind
But not with Labour combined

It's should be obvious that anyone with half a brain
Would see through their stupid game
It's Murdoch's making, his power's waning

SNP, they don't mind
But not with Labour combined

The Sun says yes, the Sun says no
Which way should the voters go
Oh doh!
The Sun says yes but then says no
Nowhere to go

Know where to go
Pick up The Brand get in the swing of things
Soon we'll get another show
Time to give old Murdoch the old heave ho