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Monday 27 April 2015

Letts Fib About Marr

Every so often, a slice of blatantly party political spin pretending to be reputable journalism is so shameless that it just has to be called out. And, even though the paper for which he works produces so much of this that we callers-out are spoilt for choice, the accolade for most dishonest spin of the weekend has to go to the odious Quentin Letts (let’s not), for his unswerving loyalty to the Tory Party.
Harry Potter and the Gobshite of Arslikhan

As anyone interested in these things knows by now, during the final few minutes of The Andy Marr Show (tm) yesterday morning, Mil The Younger and London’s increasingly occasional Mayor Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson sat together on the Official BBC Sofa and did not enjoy a meeting of minds. And the conclusion from across the political spectrum was that Bozza ended up looking like the buffoon he undoubtedly is.
The favourite to succeed Young Dave as party leader - until yesterday - Bozza lost it with Miliband on the “non dom” argument, called him a “creature”, ranted at Marr for giving him an easier ride, and bizarrely resorted to talking about where they all went to school - including Marr. At times, he was silent and almost looked lost for words as Miliband calmly told him that his party should not have employed Lynton Crosby.
The reaction across Twitter was unfavourable. One user told “Boris Johnson isn’t super sub Tories imagine. Owned by Miliband”. Another recalled Wordsworth, and those notes Miliband made for the first TV debate: “Miliband v Boris on #Marr. Miliband plays the happy warrior card: "Don't get rattled Boris, come on now…”. Of course, that was guaranteed to get Bozza rattled, and he frothed even more.
Paul Waugh of Politics Home observed “Miliband reminds us of his pop at Boris on Marr. Arguably, was 1st time anyone in Lab has really laid a glove on Bojo since ’08”. One Tweeter noted “Boris Johnson's row with Ed Miliband reveals his darker side -- Appearance on Marr show damaged his leadership hopes”. Even Tim Montgomerie had to conclude “Tory MPs somewhat down on @BorisJohnson's #Marr performance, one telling me: If he wants top job he needs more precision, less bluster”.
So what did Quent have to say about that? Have a guess: “Bojo turned on Red Ed like a fat labrador: QUENTIN LETTS watches Boris savage 'Backstabber' Miliband”. How blatant were the whoppers? “Mr Miliband, convulsed by the presence of Bojo, did everything he could to stop Mr Johnson talking”. And, as the man said, there’s more.
It was interesting to see Miliband made to look so terribly Establishment and old school” says a member of the establishment who attended, er, an old school. Never mind, though, Quent has the clincher for us: “And Boris had the last word”. Yes Quent, and by that time Miliband had already finished the clown off. Bozza was blustering, but nobody who mattered was listening. The Tories’ great hope was a busted flush.

So busted, in fact, that Letts has to be even more creative than usual. What a trouper!

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