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Tuesday 5 January 2010

Weather Bad Shock Horror

It snowed last night. It then snowed again this morning. However, the sky has not fallen in just yet, and the people of Crewe have been going about their business today without too much difficulty.

But why the snow? Well, it’s January, and if you’re going to get snow in winter, you’re most likely to get it then – it is, after all, the coldest time of the year. Anyone seriously interested in this kind of thing might find the synoptic chart on the Met Office site instructive: the feature to watch is the high pressure area over Greenland and its possible retreat later this week, which might bring change. Then again, if it stays put, its blocking effect stops the usual westerly pattern and locks us in to more north easterlies.

There was the one casualty today: milk running out at Aldi, confirmed as due to the driver being delayed by the snow. Not really worth frightening the public over, mind.

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