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Thursday 7 January 2010

Veep Strong Endorsement

More and more folks in the UK are travelling by rail: the numbers have increased by some 40% recently, to overall levels not seen since nationalisation back in 1948. Some of the growth is where rail can do consistently better on time than an increasingly congested road network, and some is down to the move for greater mobility. And it’s not just a European thing.

Over in the USA, many cities – and even states – have little or no rail service, but in the Washington – New York – New Haven – Boston “Northeast Corridor”, rail is not merely competitive, but strongly so. It’s therefore not a surprise that some in Government use the train to get to and from Washington DC, and perhaps the most prominent right now is Vice President Joe Biden, who reckons to have chalked up seven thousand round trips with Amtrak.

He’s a passionate advocate of rail travel, and he’s right so to be.

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