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Thursday 7 January 2010

Mind How You Go

Today was one of those rare occasions when I visit the hairdresser. It’s a small shop opposite a tee junction deep in Redbrick Crewe, on a street quiet enough for the snow to have fallen, lain, and then impacted. The side street facing the frontage is slightly downhill as it approaches that tee junction – enough for the icy conditions to spell disaster for anyone driving without brain engaged.

And so it came to pass. As I approached the hairdressers (on foot, mind) I saw a small, moderately customised red hatchback emerging from the side street, shall we say, not under the complete control of its driver. It glided effortlessly sideways until a dull crump signalled significant contact with an unfortunate resident’s parked Fiat Uno.

Basic lessons not heeded: slow right down, use a gear higher than usual to reduce the chance of wheelspin, soft hands on the steering wheel, and maybe leave the car at home if you’re not going far.

I have.

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