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Sunday 10 January 2010

An Inconvenient Interruption

Protocol dictates that, given we had to endure yet another interview with Pa Broon on the Andy Marr Show last Sunday, today would bring Young Dave. And so it came to pass. There were, at the end, jokes about airbrushing, and Dave told how he knew Chris Evans through them both playing football – for which, read that he’s a pretty regular kind of guy, just like Tone.

So far, so positive. However, the moment that Dave might not want to have replayed came earlier: he went on at length about how jolly ghastly Labour were, and told of the things they were doing wrong, only to be interrupted by Marr suggesting that it would be a good thing if he said something about the Tories instead.

Of course, many viewers who watch this show rather in the manner of wallpaper TV might not have noticed – I was otherwise distracted when Pa Broon nearly left the studio too soon last week – so it may not amount to much.

He hopes.

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