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Sunday 17 January 2010

Broadsheet Watch – 12

Over at the Murdoch flagship Sunday Times, they seem to have pulled off a remarkable coup: finding a body backed by a Labour peer that is finding adversely on Pa Broon and his pals. The article, “Whitehall rebels over ‘brutish’ Gordon Brown” quotes from a report by the “respected” Institute for Government. They tell that this body is “funded by Lord Sainsbury, Labour’s largest donor”.

Unfortunately, it is not difficult to find an article in their own sister paper – the weekday Times – that tells of Sainsbury “helping David Cameron to prepare for power”. The earlier piece puts it directly: “The Institute for Government ... is running training sessions for Shadow Cabinet minsters”.

In fact, Sainsbury’s organisation is plugging a supposedly “better way to govern”, and both the Times and Sunday Times are – no surprise here – putting their own gloss on what is effectively a press release. And that gloss is deepest blue – not that Rupe told them to, of course.

Slanted journalism and churnalism together – real quality papers.

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