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Wednesday 27 January 2010

Chocolate – No Rest Till Summer

A reliable prediction in the run-up to Christmas is that I’ll end up with a fair to middling amount of chocolate afterwards. Given that I don’t consume much of the stuff at a time, this will take most of January to dispose of. This year has been no different.

But the temptation, and the needs of the confectionery industry, isn’t about to go away. Not a chance. Hardly have the Christmas leftovers been cleared from the shelves than the Easter stock moves in. Thus every square centimetre of spare space in Crewe’s non-trivially sized Asda is now packed with the ubiquitous Creme Egg, and mainly in the multipack variant that ensures as many of the things as possible find their way into our baskets and trollies.

And this is only for starters: the shelves full of more seriously large and expensive Easter eggs have yet to appear. Given that the supposedly Christian commemoration of the death and resurrection of Christ falls this year at the beginning of April, that appearance will be happening round about next week.

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