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Friday 2 October 2009

When Irish Ayes? – 2

Yes, today’s the day – not in the UK, but in Ireland. Here, the second referendum on the Lisbon Treaty is being held, as is required by the Republic’s constitution (that’s the thing we in the UK don’t have, well, not in writing, anyway). The polls suggest that the result will be a Yes vote, with the focus of ratification moving to the Czech Republic and its hesitating President, Vaclav Klaus.

And, as I mentioned a while back, this raises the possibility of the first President of Europe being none other than Tony Blair. I’ll stick the old neck out and make a prediction right now: the Irish don’t take kindly to the Brits sticking their oar into what is a domestic Irish election, and when the results are announced, the interference from folks like Nigel Farage and the UKIP crowd will not have helped their cause. Ditto the efforts of Murdoch the Interfering Foreigner.

Which would mean that all those who hate Blair the most would have spent the past few weeks spraying on their own firework. Serve them right.

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