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Tuesday 13 October 2009

A Stroll Across The Astroturf – 5

The so-called Taxpayers’ Alliance, a group with grassroots support that extends to 0.064% of UK taxpayers, not only has its own website, but garners support from the blogosphere. Most ardent TPA supporter in this area, bar none, is the Burning Our Money blog, which is penned by someone who goes under the alias of Wat Tyler. The spiel includes a sentence starting “We the peasants demand ... “ which would be all the more credible if its author had taken the trouble to run successfully for elective office.

What can we deduce from this blog about the author otherwise known as Wat Tyler? Well, he’s hot on immigration, on the case of “benefit scroungers” (thus ticking boxes with the Daily Mail, Express, Sun and Star), and is pro capital punishment. But who is he?

Fortunately, the TPA comes to the rescue here: it too has a Burning Our Money section on its website (all the better to demonise Government), and the top post there right now is titled “A tax cut to cut Borrowing”. The BOM blog has an identical post – except for the title, which in the latter case is “Having a Laff” – by Wat Tyler, naturally. The TPA version is credited to Mike Denham. You can even see his photo here (scroll down to October 2).

Glad we cleared that up, Mike.

And, by the way, any chance that you folks will be publishing your accounts soon?

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