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Friday 23 October 2009

And Then He Was Gone

And there I was thinking that, with the Drivers’ Championship settled, that would be that for F1 this season. Perhaps it’s his manager’s brinkmanship, but the story that Jenson Button may be off to McLaren won’t be happy viewing for Ross Brawn.

At first the thought of the last two world champions lining up together looks like the ideal partnership. But the last time McLaren hired the reigning world champion, that was Fernando Alonso, and it ended with neither of their drivers getting the title, together with the removal of their constructors’ championship points and a hefty fine for being caught in possession of an awful lot of supposedly confidential data from rivals Ferrari.

Button and Lewis Hamilton can’t both be top man at McLaren. And if Button thinks that Hamilton will be as friendly and easy going as Rubens Barrichello, he’s got another think coming. Lewis is a very determined bloke: he’s seen off Alonso, and if he has to, he’ll see off Button.

Jenson might be best advised staying put.

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