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Wednesday 21 October 2009

More Travellers on the Number 88

It’s been admitted by the Beeb that tomorrow’s Question Time audience will have some BNP members in it. Is that a good or bad thing? Will it make Dimbleby senior’s refereeing job a little fraught?

Ah well. Yesterday, BNP Oberscheissenführer Nick Griffin was put on the spot after the news that a convocation of former military top brass had passed adverse comment on attempts by the far right (meaning the BNP) to appropriate national symbols like the Spitfire. Griffin loused up badly, making a gratuitous comparison of British generals to the commanders of Hitler’s armies.

The thought occurs that his followers might, when put in the spotlight (or even searchlight) – the QT audience is not hidden from the view of the cameras – put their collective feet in their mouths with equal aplomb.

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