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Thursday 29 October 2009

At Last The Bill

As I observed recently, events have been in train in the US Senate to move towards getting a Healthcare Bill ready. And now it is indeed ready: Speaker Nancy Pelosi has today unveiled the Affordable Health Care for America Act, which at last brings the possibility for 36 million previously uninsured citizens (more than half the population of the UK) to have cover.

The Bill also includes a public health insurance option, which will mean potential competition for private insurers, as well as provisions to stop insurers abandoning those who get sick – and limiting the financial demands on citizens (what is often termed “co-payment”) to pay for acute or emergency care.

No-one who is interested in the subject need be averse to this summary of the legislation, and I commend it to anyone who seeks factual analysis, rather than the range of speculation and scaremongering that has already done the rounds.

If this bill succeeds, it will mean that the Presidency of Barack Obama has succeeded where Bill Clinton, and even Franklin Roosevelt, have failed.

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