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Thursday 8 October 2009

The Republican Wrong – They’ll Hate This

Out there on the right of the US political spectrum, there are a lot of folks who have one belief in common, and that is their Christian faith. And when you really believe what the Bible teaches, then you have a problem with homosexuality. Hence the potentially devastating effect on the Anglican communion of Gene Robinson being ordained a bishop: Robinson was not celibate and is gay.

So those on the right are not going to be pleased at the news that Barack Obama plans to nominate an openly gay man to be US Ambassador to New Zealand and Samoa. And, so what? David Huebner wouldn’t be the first openly gay Ambassador, and if he’s the best candidate, it should be no big deal – plus it demonstrates an acknowledgement of, and commitment to, diversity and equality.

That isn’t how the right is going to see it. Not when one of their most infamous exponents of dirty tricks, Floyd Brown, the man behind the TV adverts that did for Michael Dukakis, is launching a campaign to impeach Obama. What for? He’ll no doubt make something up later. Airtime on Fox News Channel (fair and balanced my arse) will follow.

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