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Friday 23 October 2009

Reflections on the Departure of the Number 88

So Question Time has come and gone. As I predicted earlier, BNP Oberscheissenf├╝hrer Nick Griffin was indeed the fish in the barrel, and he ended up getting shot. But whether the sight of the odious Griffin getting his views shot to bits counted for or against him is still being hotly debated, despite the subject of the shooting making a complaint to the Beeb about his treatment.

One regular visitor to Zelo Street, who had been out and about at the time of the broadcast, felt that many of last night’s pub goers were actually sympathising with Griffin, even though he was losing each and every argument – “Dubya Bush Syndrome” as he put it. It’s an interesting point: Griffin is not daft, as you would expect from a Cambridge graduate.

But some of his potential electorate identify with him, because they think that he’s being put on for not being as educated as the establishment. The Beeb did a vox pop in Dagenham today and some of the responses support the idea of Griffin being the victim.

However, there is one undisputed winner from the show: Question Time can normally expect to pull in two million viewers. They got eight million last night.

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