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Sunday 18 October 2009

Out Of Order – 2

There was a mention during the Andy Marr Show paper review this morning, as I thought there would be yesterday, about reaction to the Daily Mail’s singularly nasty hatchet job on the memory of the unfortunate Stephen Gately. Pity there wasn’t a bit more time spent on it, but the point was made.

The tenor of most of the follow up coverage has been that the condition that caused Gately’s death had nothing to do with his being gay, together with a general adverse reaction to Jan Moir’s use of innuendo, and nudge-nudge attitude, towards people in same sex relationships.

Whether the Mail and its legendarily foul mouthed editor, Paul Dacre, eventually understand that it’s no longer acceptable to sneer at homosexuals is not yet certain – and this is a paper that is rather quicker to scream for apologies than it is to give them. Perhaps Dacre could listen to the one word assessment of the Moir article by Marr’s paper reviewer Dan Snow.


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