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Sunday 11 April 2021

Boris And A Funeral Invite

Not even the Royal Family is exempt from Covid-19 restrictions: when the Duke of Edinburgh’s funeral service takes place next Saturday, no more than 30 people are allowed to attend, excluding pallbearers and clergy. No matter that St George’s Chapel, behind the walls of Windsor Castle, could in normal times hold several hundreds; rules are rules. So it will be very much a family affair; no politicians will be able to take advantage.

Prime Minister? That Johnson bugger? You're having a laugh

Well, not on the day: alleged Prime Minister Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson and his team of variously creative spinners have already nudged our free and fearless press into using the occasion to burnish his image. The line has been fed to the media that caring, considerate Bozo (as if) has Done The Right Thing and given up his seat.

This is what the 10 Downing Street spokesman has told waiting hacks: “As a result of the coronavirus regulations, only 30 people can attend the funeral of HRH The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh … The prime minister has throughout wanted to act in accordance with what is best for the royal household, and so to allow for as many family members as possible will not be attending the funeral on Saturday”. That’s very subtly done.

What the statement did NOT say was to answer the question as to whether Bozo had even been invited. Remember, Phil The Greek is not being given a state funeral. He has been extensively quoted as not wanting any fuss to be made over his send-off. But that has not stopped media reports spinning Bozo’s absence to his advantage.

So Sky News has toldBoris Johnson will not go to Prince Philip's funeral, and will instead give up his seat to allow another family member to attend”. Free sheet Metro has claimedThe UK prime minister is normally present at royal funerals, but Mr Johnson offered to step down as there are limited numbers of mourners at funerals amid the coronavirus pandemic”. But it’s not a state funeral. And other media outlets have gone further.

The Daily Brexit, still called the Express, has told readersBoris Johnson turns down invitation to Prince Philip's funeral so more family can attend … The Prime Minister was understood to have been expected to attend the ceremony for Philip by the royals, but offered to step aside”. The No 10 statement did not mention an invitation.

This didn’t deter the increasingly desperate and downmarket Telegraph: “No 10 said last night that Boris Johnson had offered to stand aside to let an additional member of the Royal Family attend the funeral under the current guidelines”. The clear inference is that Bozo had been invited, even though the Downing Street statement didn’t say that.

The Murdoch Sunday Times also claimed “Boris Johnson, who was to have attended, will stand aside so that a member of the Royal Family can be there in his place”. But, again, the statement put out by Bozo’s team doesn’t say whether he was actually invited.

He may have been invited; that is not being disputed. But once again, we see a largely compliant press taking a statement from his gang, taking the hint, and deciding to spin it in his favour. A Royal death becomes an opportunity to cast Bozo as the hero of the hour.

He may go down as the worst Prime Minister in history. But not in the Tory press.

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Arnold said...

Just as well. With his habit of dressing up for visits (hard hats, hi-viz jackets, medical scrubs, etc), he'd probably wear vicars robes.

Arnold said...



Mr Larrington said...

I'm sure Missis Kwin will be absolutely heartbroken by his absence.

NB: The above may contain traces of Lie.

Derek said...

Dear Zelo ,
I wonder if Johnson could prevail upon Gerry Adams and other IRA luminaries to attend the sad event , or simply form part of a flower-wielding ‘mob’ outside Buck. Palace , Windsor chapel or whatever . He could be confident the Police would not bother him with regard to so called ‘pandemic’ restrictions , unlike the women protesting ‘male violence’ at Clapham Common or Bristol . Double standards , eh ? Brilliant , gather as you please IRA or Monarchists ,

gillette said...

Perhaps he could hide in the fridge

Anonymous said...

“Boris Johnson will not go to Prince Philip's funeral, and will instead give up his seat to allow another family member to attend”.

So, Johnson is such a monumental towering figure of dignified Britishness that one of the top 30 of the royal family had to step aside for him... but due to him being the astoundingly honourable chap that he is, he bloody well felt it would be best if he stepped aside instead? Really? This country is fucking pathetic.

Anonymous said...

The Russian violinist is takin Dilyn instead as the people’s representative

Anonymous said...

The sooner that lying, useless, thieving, hypocritical, lardy, fat cunt attends his own funeral the better.

But stand by. There'll be another one along in a minute. Blue and red tories are infested with them.

All of them propped up by old media broadcast and press Uriah Heeps.

Anonymous said...


Derek said...

Dear Anonymous at 15.22 ,
I'm not anti-monarchist , just indifferent ,

gillette said...

Save our lower case letters too

mikehineoftownchicago said...

Disappointing, Anon @ 14.29, and not worthy of you.

Now is not the time to start showing restraint and a measured approach.

Steve Woods said...

Would you want someone who makes Worzel Gummidge look dapper at your family funeral?

Unknown said...

Rubber apron and an embalming trochar ??

Anonymous said...

I can just about imagine the Duke's off the record words about Johnson and his merry band of carpetbaggers.

Johnson at the funeral would be verging on an insult.

Anonymous said...

The palace told him he had to give his seat to harry