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Friday 16 April 2021

Laurence Fox Legal Threat Hypocrisy

It might have been thought by those observing the less than fruitful career trajectory of former minor thesp, failed chanteur and ineffectual political hopeful Laurence Fox that he had one unshakable conviction in his championing of free speech. But it seems that thought would have been sadly misplaced: for Lozza, even free speech has its limits.

That limit was reached earlier this week when one Tweeter asserted that Fox was “a virulent racist”. Considering The Great Man’s sneering comment about “Lewis Hamilton’s white half” and his accusing those pointing out his “white privilege” of being racists themselves, allied to the Tweeter concerned having fewer than a thousand followers, this does not look like the hill on which Lozza should choose to die.

But choose he duly did: “Hello Liz. I have instructed my lawyers in this matter. You will be hearing from them shortly. There is not a single shred of evidence that I am racist in any way whatsoever. I take a principled stance against racism in all its forms”. This went down terribly well with his fans. But with many others, it just went down terribly.

One of those in the latter category warned him “You might want to remove that glass-of-milk emoji then”. That emoji has its origins with Richard Spencer, a white nationalist. Its meaning suggests the person displaying it is similarly inclined, a member of the alt-right.

Another observer noted that Fox had previously claimed “My view is that free speech should extend all the way to direct incitement to violence … I don’t think Twitter should censor these opinions”. The comment to which he’s objecting doesn’t go that far.

That observation was followed by one reminding us that Fox had not only claimed that calling him racist meant that the person doing it was also being racist, but that he had made the blanket claim “wokist are fundamentally racist” in addition.

James Doleman, who has some experience of court reporting both north and south of the border, first pointed out that this looked like a case of “Do as I say, not as I do” before adding that Fox’s target was “An account with 900 followers and a tweet he wasn't copied into”. His conclusion? “Don't see the High Court wasting much time on this case”.

Worse, as was noted in response, was that Fox “has republished the alleged defamatory post to a much larger audience”. He can hardly go after the original Tweeter for amplifying the alleged libel when he did it himself. Especially as that Tweeter has now had to take her feed private because Fox’s fans have been going after her.

Laurence Fox is either being poorly advised when it comes to threatening defamation actions against others, or he’s full of crap. Either way, time to get the popcorn in.

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Jaxster said...

Also have to bare in mind Lozza deletes his tweets on a rolling 3 months basis so you're reliant on screenshots or national newspaper reports to prove anything.

Mr Larrington said...

Meanwhile, I understand that three people are taking legal action against against Looza for his calling them “paedo”. He is using the Muskrat Defence, viz. “paedo” doesn’t actually mean “paedo”, presumably in the hope that he will then be mentioned in the same breath as omni-successful multi-billionaire the Sainted Elon.

Is it wrong of me to wish for the return of fox hunting with dogs just for this one particular varmint?

Anonymous said...

If that image of Fuxxed is anything to go by, plus his previous propaganda... he's the very spit of a Charles Dickens "gammon".

So maybe he'll consider suing the Dickens estate.

Me, I just think Fuxxed is a far right utter gobshite. With all the disgusting baggage that carries.

Jez Box said...

Lozza is both poorly advised and as thick as pigshit. And also a vurulent racist.

Jonathan said...

Lozza is in for major humiliation in just a little under 3 weeks, not just coming a distant last but also losing the £10k deposit.

Lozza will have to pony up more readies very soon, thankfully for Lozza, his alt right millionaire mates who have been funding Lozza's 'War on woke'.

Anonymous said...

When will we learn that freedom of speech is only for people like Laurence Fox to say whatever they like and not for others to criticise their moronic views?

Sam said...

Speaking of "woke" and "cancel culture" Rupert Murdoch's tabloids descended into a mini drama last Thursday over an online petition to change the name of an Aussie kiddy delight, "Fairy Bread" (a sickly concoction of white bread & butter covered in hundreds and thousands). Alas it was a hoax and Rupert's tabloids have been busy scrubbing the tale from their online newspapers. A radio announcer had already declared it a scam during the week but the desperate News Corp scribes weren't having it. Fortunately for Rupert, ex-PM Kevin Rudd who is demanding a Royal Commission into Rupert's power in the media has ensured news of the hoax has reached his million plus Twitter followers.

AndyC said...

I can think of few things in the political field at the moment giving me more pleasure than watching Laurence Fox making a complete arse of himself. Hopefully many more occasions of self-own to come. He really is the idiot that keeps giving.

Anonymous said...

The entire British tabloid press has been canceling anyone who says anything slightly off base about the passing of Prince Philip. The irony of this of course is obvious.