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Sunday 21 March 2021

So Farewell Then Lee Hurst

He was already no longer relevant and no longer funny, at least not in the sense of being amusing. Now, has-been Lee Hurst is no longer on Twitter, having had his account suspended overnight, to the great relief of many who wished it had happened earlier.

They think he's all over. Because he is

Hurst had included the strapline “desperately trying to be relevant”, but his behaviour has shown the last three of those words to be a spurious addition. He is desperately trying, hence his declaration “As soon as Greta discovers cock, she’ll stop complaining about the single use plastic it’s wrapped in”. Yes, he said that. A 58-year-old man.

The creepy, leering misogyny brought out those protesting that while they wouldn’t have tried cracking jokes like that, they would defend Hurst’s right to crack them, and that anyone taking a contrary stance was against FREEZE PEACH. But it also brought out those who simply pointed out that Hurst had flagrantly broken Twitter’s Ts and Cs.

And so it came to pass, but not before Jeremy Vine had observed “I really wish I hadn’t looked to see why Lee Hurst is trending”, while James Doleman pointed out that “To be fair, it's hard for Lee Hurst to ‘know his audience,’ since it's been many years since he had one” and one Tweeter added “Of the myriad things wrong with this creepy, misogynistic tweet (and wrong with Lee Hurst generally) there's a heavy implication that he thinks condoms are made of plastic”. Then came the moment he got suspended.

Graham Reed anticipated the FREEZE PEACH backlash. “Yesterday Lee Hurst made lascivious, leering, creepy and intrusive sexual comments fantasising about the sex life about a schoolgirl on twitter. Today, he got his account suspended for it. It’s not cancel culture when you do it to yourself. Its' consequences”. Otto English added “I see Lee Hurst has gone from 'comedian' to 'disappearing act'. Much more successful in that second role”.

Mike Galsworthy may have hit on where Hurst will pop up next as he observed “Looks like Lee Hurst’s latest pitch to GB News didn’t go as planned”, while Tim Burgess echoed many others as he concluded “The first time that Lee Hurst has made me laugh”.

Meanwhile, the FREEZE PEACH fundamentalists might do worse than consider Natasha Devon’s take: “Aside from Lee Hurst’s tweet being painfully unfunny, attention-seeking, creepy, inappropriate, heteronormative codswallop, it’s also emblematic of a cohort of middle aged men who genuinely seem to think they can solve the world’s problems with their genitals”. Then came the punchline, in true Private Eye style.

So. Farewell Then.
Lee Hurst.

Your jokes are as threadbare
As your head.

And now
You’re on the dole.

They think it’s all over-
It is now

GB News is welcome to him. Think of it this way: having ended his own career, Hurst could now do the same for all those at Gammon Broadcasting. A properly Brillo solution!

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Anonymous said...

The justified fate awaiting all gammons: self-cancellation.

J said...

And people say he's not funny... honestly him getting suspended is the funniest thing he's ever done. Its fcuking hilarious.

I'm finding the jokes about his suspension, and dodgy disk drive inspections. Its the best work ever. Its utterly uproarious. I bet he's pissed he didn't explore the "I'm not a nonce, I just tweet like one" angle of comedic humour earlier.

I'm sure he'll have so many comeback quips... oh wait... - LOLZ.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, in the real US/UK warmongering world ignored by the likes of Hurst:

Crabsantler said...

He's back now apparently.

Anonymous said...

"it’s also emblematic of a cohort of middle aged men who genuinely seem to think they can solve the world’s problems with their genitals"

So Hurst's comment isn't okay, but how is this?

Anonymous said...

It's OK because it isn't Hurst. Who is a far right racist tory cunt.

Glad to clear that one up.

Anonymous said...

I read some of his Twitter posts a year or so back. He’s an Essex nationalist. Sorta fella who fills Tommy’s pockets and thinks the future is Alt Right. Def not a nice bloke. Very glad that the BBC saw sense.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 18:57 - that was a pointless answer of yours, wasn't it? Your usual Pavlovian response to everything. Do you actually have anything intelligent to say?

Nick S said...

I wonder whether he knows he's backed the wrong horse, but has gone too far down this sad reactionary path to come back. As a Tommy fanboy does he now understand that he's been played? Who knows? Who cares? He's the captain of his own fate.

AndyC said...

Years ago I worked with Hurst on a tv programme, just the once (thankfully). I can say without fear of contradiction, he has no sense of humour.