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Saturday 27 March 2021

Dan Hodges Bristol Baloney BUSTED

The protests in the city of Bristol last weekend, we were told, had resulted in more than one Police officer suffering broken bones. There had been an instance of an officer having a collapsed lung. Some observers with long memories of creative post-event injuries, though, were unimpressed. They were right: it was later admitted that none of the cops had suffered broken bones, or collapsed lungs. And it got worse.

He's desperate, Dan

The focus moved to claims of disproportionate response to peaceful protests. There were then more protests, and more such claims. Last night brought yet more of both, this time featuring one journalist gratuitously set upon by Avon and Somerset’s finest. He has now been asked to contact the Police, but is proving understandably reluctant, given what happened the last time he contacted them. But the cops have their defenders.

To no surprise at all, Priti Patel, inexplicably made Home Secretary, has backed them to the hilt. And so has the client journalism class, exemplified by a magnificently wrong headed outburst from the Mail on Sunday’s not even slightly celebrated blues artiste Whinging Dan Hodges. Desperate Dan wants to blame the Rotten Lefties™ for it all.

Er, hang on, the smirk's stuck

Moreover, it was, for Hodges, an example of Labour’s lack of suitability for office. I kid you not:”Seeing quite a few ‘the police in Bristol didn't suffer punctured lungs, or broken bones!!! Nadia Whittome was right!!!’ tweets. Labour really are going to have to lose again before people on the left get it, aren't they”. As ever, the question marks ain’t making it.

Owen Jones pointed out the all too obvious. “Few self-styled democracies on earth have so many prominent journalists so utterly committed to speaking power to truth, to loyally serving the interests - and regurgitating the propaganda - of the authorities than here in Britain”. Client journalism called out. But now it was Hodges’ turn not to get it.

After all, he could always play the Corbyn card. It works when he puts it in his MoS columns, so why not here? “If Jermey [sic] Corbyn had (God forbid) won, how much truth to power do you think Owen would have been speaking”. FREEZE PEACH would have been erased, readers! But he had a serious point to make, even it if was a wrong one.

Another perfect example of why Labour will keep losing. A giant social media loop is feeding off itself as we speak, convinced if you point to the fact police officers were only hospitalised, and didn't in fact suffer broken bones and punctured lungs, the Left are winning”. It’s just something on Twitter. The old Fraser Nelson ploy. And there was more.

Until the Left decide votes are more important than Twitter likes and retweets, I don't see how Labour returns to power. It's not actually that they push daft stuff that turns off voters. It's that all their energy is channeled into mutual reassurance on social media platforms”. Which shows Hodges is the one who doesn’t get it: this isn’t about anyone pretending they are winning. It is about inept Government excusing heavy-handed Policing.

Dan Hodges has become so firmly wedged in his own sub-Spiked rut that he sees legitimate concern and real free speech about it as something to be not merely avoided, but dismissed as a mere “election loser”. It doesn’t affect him, anyway. Policing can be as heavy-handed as Ms Patel likes: he’s got his six-figure wedge and he should care. He’s crossed that floor and no way is he ever going to show any sign of regret. Sad, really.

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Anonymous said...

Bristol, peaceful protest, how deluded are you? I suggest you go out of your house and have a look yourself. Surely you have a press pass?

Lindsay said...

You'll have seen the violence from the police then if you've been outside your house to have a look anonymous?

AndyC said...

It would appear to me that the legislation (severely clamping down on the right to protest) is being introduced because the govt know that, as it becomes obvious to even the densest Brexiter over the next year or two just how disastrous Brexit is going to be for the long term prospects of the country, there's going to be an awful lot of very angry people on the streets looking to make themselves heard and looking for those to blame. Better get the legislation in early.

Anonymous said...

Maybe there were police officers with broken bones and one with a collapsed lung, but they were working undercover, throwing fireworks, bricks and Molotov cocktails.

Anonymous said...

You'll have seen the violence from the police then if you've been outside your house to have a look - yes Lindsay I did in London at a peaceful protest, next day live on YouTube I saw the police NOT get violent and not have the numbers to face a crowd intent on violence. In Bristol police appeasement of far-left anarchists continued. Yesterday I was in Bradford police stopped a peaceful protest no violence, but then West Yorkshire police took a sensible approach, in a fact locals couldn't believe they had so many officers so rarely are they seen! But then I don't claim to be a journalist and publish a blog trying justify my prejudices, I am out protesting for my right to be free from restrictions and to be allowed peaceful protest. Not things the authoritarians of the left are interested in.

Anonymous said...

The protest was peaceful.

The Bristol Police weren't. Rather like the notorious thugs at the South Yorkshire Police.

James said...

The Corbyn card does not make any sense as an tactic. On the one hand, Weathervane Owen would once again had supported Corbyn but it would have been a short time, given the hostile nature of his colleagues at the Guardian and their love for smears and Owen's lack of a backbone.

Anonymous said...

The protest was peaceful?

The live feed on YouTube told a different story or did the police smash their own windows and torched their own vehicles.

There is no excuse ever for this level of violence.

Anonymous said...

To 15:29.

Owen Jones lost all credibility years ago.

A grotesque, self-righteous, self-promoting individual with erratic, shallow opinions.

Utterly untrustworthy.

Anonymous said...


Tell that to the Bristol Police.