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Monday 15 March 2021

Patsy Stevenson And Creepy Misogyny

As part of the Metropolitan Police crackdown on a peaceful women’s vigil on Clapham Common on Saturday, following the death of Sarah Everard, some of those participating were forcibly restrained and arrested. One of the unfortunate recipients of this heavy-handed policing was Patsy Stevenson; as there were a number of snappers on hand, her photo has circulated widely, being featured in several newspapers.

Patsy Stevenson is arrested ((c) Reuters)

Ms Stevenson told Sky News “I've been thrown into the public eye and the only way I can make this not in vain is to not make it political, not against the police, it's just about the safety of women and we need to talk about it”. This attracted the attention of Martin Daubney, briefly a Brexit Party MEP, and former editor of Lad Mag Loaded.

But this creep says it was all staged

The Great Man decided to talk well, while lying very badly indeed. “Patsy was ‘thrown into the public eye’ with a cameraman in tow, ready to capture her moment. Then Patsy ‘paid respect’ by making it all about her. Does anybody buy this nonsense?” To show how serious he wasn’t, Daubney quoted an article from Spiked Online.

His response was all he would have hoped: various fringe Gammonati frothing about Rotten Lefties, claiming that Ms Stevenson was indulging in self-promotion, and being otherwise abusive and misogynistic. But for those who had engaged brain before sounding off, there was severely adverse comment on Daubney’s leering dishonesty.

No. The police who handled her roughly and held her down while the media photographed her made it 'all about her'. 'Cameraman in tow'? There were shedloads of media there. So many people trying to discredit this woman, deflecting from the main issue” was one response. And there was rather a lot more in the same vein.

What an absurd take .. the main images in the media are credited to the usual press and agency photographers, covering news events in the same way as they do day in day out. Attempts to discredit those at the vigil are very revealing” was one. “There were dozens of photographers there. It was a major news event. Why is it so important to you to discredit someone drawing attention to the actions of creepy, entitled men? No, don't answer. I think we can guess” was another. Meanwhile, the absence of those lefties was also covered.

I see that we couldn’t find any obvious connection to an organisation that was even slightly left leaning so we went past ‘she was an activist’ and straight to ‘it was staged’”. And one Tweeter remembered Loaded. “Let's not forget that Martin used to edit a men's magazine dedicated to objectifying women”. In which role he was less than successful.

After all, as Wikipedia has reminded us, “Daubney left Loaded in November 2010, after sales that peaked in the second half of 1998 to an average of 457,318 copies a month, had fallen to just a monthly average of 53,591”. He has also spent time as features editor of FHM, and at the Murdoch Sun as editor of Page3 Dot Com.

Not that any of that career experience should detract from his being a fine, upstanding creep, you understand. But the premeditated lying and misogyny certainly should.

Many women want men’s attitudes to change. And that includes men like Martin Daubney.

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Anonymous said...

This Daubeny sizeable twatbollok that is is is the same little turd who tattles on on Jeremy vine with a Jamie Reid - god save the Queen - artwork tastefully displayed in the background, beside it, the usual ukip flag (used to be NF apparel yer know Marty buoy!), he don’t even have the balls to go full on for a league of st George. But I digress. Back to the poster .... you might have the poster, you might even have the record, but you certainly don’t grasp its meaning you spoil little tight wing arsehole ... like Darren Grimes on stilts this one. .... same suit same haircut ... top-man demigods, don’t cha just love ‘em?

david walsh said...

Jack Hill, the guy who took the shot isquoted at length in The Times, one of the papers he works for, and his comments show that Daubney's comments about it all being "pre planned" are tosh. His piece is behind a pay wall, so I've pasted and copied the relevant paragraphs. Sorry about the length, but this is important.

"I do not know why the three women who were arrested were specifically targeted. A commotion ensued and Patsy Stevenson was thrown heavily to the ground. She hit the floor right in front of me. I had been using slow shutter speeds and what little available light there was. These settings would not work now. I switched the flash on, increased the shutter speed and shot. The first two frames were completely out of focus, three and four were dark as the flash had not re-charged, five and six fortunately were sharp and she was staring straight into the lens. The police then led her and her companions away.

I texted the picture editor. Deadline for the first edition had passed but there was scope for a change in a later edition. I sent a picture within minutes from the camera to my phone and from the phone to the desk. I was surprised to receive a return message saying that the front-page picture would be changed for the second edition.

Often understandable frustrations are vented at photographers. They are visible, appear insensitive, hidden behind a camera, click, click, click, but some operate in more sophisticated ways. In a world that has become increasingly critical, I would always argue the worth in news photography. The value in this poorly exposed photograph is not its composition but its timing and that it would appear to have tapped into people’s emotions.

Without impactful photographs our understanding of events would be incomplete. Conversely, a single still image can also present a singular view of what has happened. But this did happen and perhaps in some small way feeds into the broader political discussion about the Met police’s actions on Saturday night"

Sam said...

There's a libel case right there for Patsy Stevenson but who can afford it unless you are rolling in cash ?. Now we know why Lord Leveson's much needed and sensible proposal for a "libel tribunal" that could be accessed by the average citizen was swept under the carpet.

Arnold said...

Substantial damages. Am I being cruel in hoping she ends up bankrupt like Hatey Katie?

Mark said...

She was outside when people were told not to go, the atmosphere was getting nasty but she was right in the midst of it, shouting at the police, just maybe she was there for another reason and isnt all sweet and innocent as she says she is, there is always two sides to a story, don't be blinded to just one side. 🤔