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Saturday 27 March 2021

Dan Wootton Cancel Culture Hypocrisy

Now on his way from the Murdoch Sun and TalkRADIO to become a presenter for GB News, and to write for Mail Online, the deeply unpleasant Dan Wootton has let the world know that he has lost none of his ability to talk well, but lie badly. Nor has he lost his touch when it comes to highly selective recollection of past events.

Behold the acme of upstanding and erudite journalism

So it was that he saw the departure of Sharon Osbourne - another singularly unpleasant individual of little discernible ability - from CBS show The Talk, selectively managed to miss the very good reasons for her leaving and not coming back, and declared that Ms Osbourne was not merely a victim, but had been the target of Cancel Culture.

Off the end of the pier went Wootton. “Sharon Osbourne forced off The Talk for defending Piers Morgan's right to have an opinion about Meghan's provable fibs during Oprah interview... but cancel culture doesn't exist. YEAH RIGHT! Shameful decision by CBS putting freedom of speech in the media under further threat”. See, FREEZE PEACH!

There was more. “And btw, I'm no fan of Sharon Osbourne. She's foul-mouthed, rude and difficult. BUT I respect her right to speak her mind”. Sadly, as Dan probably knows, this was about rather more than being “foul mouthed, rude and difficult”. Shaz’ departure from The Talk, as Yashar Ali has pointed out, comes after many years of bad behaviour.

She had racially abused more than one of her co-workers. She had made seriously derogatory comments about one LGBT co-worker. She is known to have lied about some of her racist comments. She has a long history of bullying behaviour. And talking of Megs, which Wootton was, Yashar Ali pointed out, “In a 2018 episode of “The Talk,” Osbourne said of Meghan: ‘She ain’t Black!’ When her co-hosts told Osbourne that she was indeed Black, Osbourne said, ‘She doesn’t look Black’”. His conclusion was damning.

Sharon Osbourne ((c) CBS)

For years, Osbourne has spoken unfiltered publicly with little to no consequence. Her comments have often been celebrated, or in some cases waved off, as the musings of a bold and brash woman who ‘talks just like the boys do,’ according to one source. But for the first time in her career as a TV personality, Osbourne may be facing accountability for her language and behavior”. It’s not cancel culture. It’s consequences.

And none of those concerned have lost their freedom of speech - neither Wootton in departing the Sun, nor Piers Morgan in throwing a mardy strop and walking out on ITV Good Morning Britain, nor Sharon Osbourne. They are all able to speak freely, and most likely find some media outlet gullible enough to broadcast their thoughts.

Cancel culture, you say, Dan? Remember her, Dan?

But one person Dan Wootton knew well, or claimed to have known well in the retelling, no longer has the ability to speak freely. Because she was called Caroline Flack, and she’s dead. Dead after our free and fearless press, with Dan Wootton and his fellow Sun reptiles in the vanguard, cheerfully trashed her reputation on a daily basis. And in the aftermath of her death, blamed anyone and everyone else for what he and his pals had done.

That really was cancel culture. What happened to Shaz was not. Hello Dan Wootton.

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Anonymous said...

Wooton-Osbourne-Morgan-Gammon Broadcast Nobheads.


tory Morons Inc. (UK)

Anonymous said...

Dan Wottoon actually defended Caroline Flack and slammed the press coverage of her arrest...


He also spoke out against her being axed by Love Island over domestic violence assault charges...


The Sun is a trash rag but your obsessive hatred of one of their journalists has blinded you to the facts. This man defended Flack and one wonders if he would have done had she been a male celebrity facing charges of assault against his girlfriend.
I also wonder whether you have the same outrage for The Sun labelling Johnny Depp a "wife beater" even when he faced no arrest or charges.

Michele said...

Wrong. He wrote these articles to cover his back, so close was he to being directly implicated in the vileness leading to her taking her life. He was scrabbling for a foothold out of the cesspit of his own making, scared that his fellow press pack might turn on he himself, no more than an act of self preservation. The most egregious of scum hypocrites. He'll do well at GB News.

Anonymous said...

I wish he’d just shut up pack up and fuck off back to New Zealand ... and while he’s at it take his insufferable little puppy Darren - half price entry on Wednesdays at heaven - grimes, with him.

Anonymous said...

Wooton has been hanging round newspapers and other media long enough to know there is no such thing as "freedom of speech" for those working in the trade: just the freedom to say what the owner wants you to say (or at best, will tolerate you saying). The trick is finding a proprietor whose views you agree with.

Fortunately for Wooton and his ilk, there are plenty of seriously right wing media moguls owning outlets where his can ply his particular views for profit.


iMatt said...

Pretty much spot on Anon 13:59. Hence the old joke (or rather an observation) of:

"My job as an editor is to print as many of my proprietor's prejudices as the advertisers will stand".

Anonymous said...

Hoho "Off the end of the pier went Wootton". Seen what you did tharr. You did, didn't you? lol

On a more serious note, how do you pronounce 'Wootton'?

Anonymous said...

Gammon Knobhead fuck off home to New Zealand you moron.

Concise summary of constructive comment, usual fare on this blog, at least it makes them feel better about the world.

Anonymous said...


He wrote The Sun article about her being suspended by Love Island before she took her life. He cannot be implicated in her suicide when he defended her.

Anonymous said...

@ 16.44 ..... and does your constructive comment make you feel better? Mr Justice League

Anonymous said...

Yes it did , thank you for taking an interest in my welfare. But please note I I managed to refrain from myself using profane language in my comment which in fact is constructive in relation to what the blogger allows on his site. In fact you probably wrote that Tim, didn't you?

Anonymous said...

To 16:44.


How does it feel, gammon knobhead?��

You can always read the Daily Heil or the Scum. More your "type of thing".

Anonymous said...


Most feel better after evacuating their bowels. Especially far right gammon tories..... like you.