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Friday 26 March 2021

BBC Commemorates IRA Bombing

The BBC’s supposedly flagship political debate show Question Time gives the appearance each week of having fallen a very long way from the days when it was hosted by Robin Day and David Dimbleby, but few could have predicted the unforgivably tin-eared decision to use last night’s edition to give a platform to an unrepentant apologist for terrorism.

Because yesterday marked 28 years to the day since the IRA bombing in Warrington which claimed the lives of two young boys, Tim Parry and Jonathan Ball. So who should the programme not have allowed anywhere near its panel on such an occasion? What would a sensible booker have done? What would Nietzsche have done?

Claire Fox

Anyone with brain plugged in and a hole in their backside should never, but never, have invited someone on who had backed the so-called Armed Struggle, even to the extent of refusing every offer to renounce their previously espoused views. But whoever was booking panellists for Question Time wasn’t listening. They booked Claire Fox.

Claire Fox. She of the genocide deniers, those excusing the idea of imprisoned paedophiles having access to child porn, and yes, IRA backers. The BBC invited her on to the Question Time panel on the anniversary of the Warrington bombing. This turned out to be a campaign that developed not necessarily to their advantage.

Some responses to the news of Ms Fox’ presence merely hinted at the blowback to come, with “I take it the virtual audience isn't from Warrington this week then”, “Nice timing, just after the anniversary of the IRA murders in Warrington”, and one Tweeter who posted photos of the two murdered boys and asked “Remember this?” Then it got worse.

Miffy Buckley put the question more directly: “A horrible symmetry that on a day like today, one of the biggest cheerleaders of the Warrington Bombing & IRA, Claire Fox, is tonight being given the VIP treatment by the BBC, when she’ll appear on [BBC Question Time]. What on earth is the BBC thinking?” Mark Cunliffe was markedly less subtle.

I see that [BBC Question Time] has decided to roll out the ever hate-filled evil [Claire Fox]. Strange how she never apologised for defending the IRA bombing that sadly caused the tragic loss of life for Colin's children. Traitor, now put into the House of Lords by Johnson”. Former Labour MP Jeff Rooker added “Have I got this right? On the anniversary of killing of Tim Parry the BBC puts Claire Fox on Question Time. It beggars belief and I assume if correct it is deliberate”. Why did the QT production company not realise its error?

Others were dismissive of the appearance. “#questiontime having #clairefox on, in the anniversary week of the Warrington bombing is an absolute disgrace, she’s an ignorant IRA apologist!” was one response. “In a week that marks 28 years since the Warrington bombing that killed two children, why are you hosting Claire Fox on Question Time? That is sickening and an obscenity. Where are your values? I will not watch. What an insult to the families of those 2 boys! Sick” was another. Someone fouled up. Big time.

Of course, Ms Fox could have pointed out the unfortunate coincidence herself, and declined the invitation. That she did not suggests the anniversary means little to her.

Question Time was for a time, but not for all time. At least, not with its current custodians.

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Anonymous said...

The "invitation" was no "mistake".

It was a deliberate ploy. The oldest ploy in The Great Game.

Fox is a planted agent provocateur. Always was.

Why the fuck do you think she was "elevated" to the House of Unelected Charlatans? To serve tea?

It'd be of some interest if someone would seriously investigate the production company, who owns it, their associates and past history, and the source of its funding.

Anonymous said...

Where Kelvin McCunty when you need him?

Nigel Stapley said...

The production company for what must now be called Questionable Time is only taking its lead from its clients. After all, it was in 2016 that the Corpse presented a softball interview by Andrew Marr with the leader of the French neo-Nazis...on Remembrance Sunday.

iMatt said...

Claire Fox gets a free pass by the right-wing media in contrast to the way they treated the likes of Claire Short and Jeremy Corbyn.

The toffee (597) said...

Don't mean to sound contrary or condescending in any way, and please don't take this to be a stick to beat Mark Cunliffe with because it really isn't.

I fully appreciate Mr Cunliffe's sentiment behind his tweet; and having had the significance of the date pointed out only through this thread - I don't watch QT so I don't know the context - I am also disgusted by the bbc's lack of foresight in inviting that twunt onto the panel. (I would be on any occasion anyway)

But it HAS to be reiterated that young Michael Ball (RIP Michael and Tim) was NOT Colin & Wendy Parry's boy. It seems to me to be somewhat disrespectful to both families not to have at least proof read the post before making it.

Although I fully understand and fully appreciate that anger can be a major distraction.