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Monday 29 March 2021

Piers Morgan Silence Breaking ISN’T

So the non-happening happened with the publication of yesterday’s Mail on Sunday: former Screws and Daily Mirror editor Piers Morgan broke his silence. The non-happening was that he had no silence to break: Morgan would not know silence if it materialised before him and kicked him in the undercarriage. But he does understand one thing very well: the continued and shameless promotion of Himself Personally Now.

And what's more, Ron

The MoS headline tells us “our columnist defends free speech”. He has free speech, and no-one has stopped him exercising it. What he does not have is freedom from consequences. And he “says the silent majority hate the tyranny of woke”. Being knowledgeable and alert to injustices in society, and especially racism, is now a tyranny.

But on to the lamentably thin copy, where Morgan is, as ever, whining at the Duchess of Sussex. He finds it implausible “Meghan's insistence she never checked out Harry”. But that wasn’t what she was talking about. The subject was being part of the Royal Family. Then, soon enough, we arrive at the reason Morgan left ITV. Mental health claims.

Morgan admits to saying “'OK,' I said, 'let's have the names. Who did you go to, what did they say to you?' Then I made a more general observation: 'I'm sorry, I don't believe a word she says’”. Ri-i-i-ight. Let’s take this nice and slowly. If you dismiss someone’s claim that they have felt suicidal, that leaves only one way for them to disprove you.

Morgan seems not to have got that one. How convenient for him. So then out comes the king-sized onion. “The clearly orchestrated social media pile-on [no citation] against me intensified through the afternoon”. Poor dear. And how many million Twitter followers has Sir got? And the MoS column. And the Mail Online columns. Then comes deflection.

But my three sons told me they too are all being targeted”. Which is someone else’s fault. This works both ways: his targets’ families most likely get it, too. No matter, on to the Good Morning Britain edition that was his last. “Alex Beresford … launched into a very personal attack”. The one on Meg wasn’t personal at all, you understand. But there was more.

I don't mind outside guests trying to make a name for themselves by whacking me like this, but I wasn't going to sit there and take it from one of my own team, especially someone who I've gone out of my way to help whenever he's asked me for advice about his career”. WAAAH! WAAAH! I helped him and this is how he repaid me! WAAAH!

Why did he go? "As requested by ITV, I clarified my position on mental health by saying: 'I still don't believe what Meghan Markle says generally in this interview, and I have serious concerns about the veracity of a lot of what she said”. So he kept on saying he didn’t believe what she had said about suicidal feelings. He just dug himself in deeper.

And he sounded less than totally sincere about his co-host. “I suspect Susanna's feeling angry and sad at me leaving just when the show's soared to new audience heights, concerned for her own future, fearful of troll abuse for publicly backing me”. Er, hello Piers, did you miss all the knocking copy the Mail put out about her before you joined GMB?

In any case, they’ll miss him now he’s gone. “Meanwhile, ITV's share price has plunged by five per cent since news of my departure from GMB broke, valuing me at £250 million, which is £52 million more than the world's most expensive footballer, Neymar. That should come in handy in my future contract negotiations!” The share price has since recovered, and more. Then came the dropping of more names. Because he’s still famous.

Susanna rang for a long clear-the-air chat. She apologised for the tone of her chilly goodbye, which was for all the reasons I suspected, and I apologised for leaving her in the lurch so suddenly”. Gave you permission to splash the contents of the conversation all over the papers, did she? Confidentiality, the Piers Morgan way.

Still, on with the drivel: “Sharon Osbourne is paying a heavy price in America for supporting me … Sharon Osbourne's quit The Talk, driven out for the crime of defending me”. Bullshit. Ms Osbourne has a long history of treating co-workers badly. That is all.

Any more jaw-dropping idiocy? Here we go: “Teen Vogue's new editor has been cancelled before she even started over offensive tweets she posted as a teenager … Do we really want to live in a world where anyone can have their careers destroyed for some dumb thing they said as a teenage kid?” Hello Piers. You wrote that in the Mail on Sunday. Try searching for what YOUR PAPER did to Paris Brown. For her teenage Tweets.

Meanwhile, Morgan concludes [eventually] by grandly telling “As Winston Churchill said: 'Some people's idea of it [free speech] is that they are free to say what they like but if anyone else says anything back, that is an outrage’”. Like when Alex Beresford said something back to you, eh? At least he admits “To be clear: I'm not a victim and I haven't been cancelled”. So why all the self-justifying bullshit?

If that had been Meg making those claims, she’d have been called a liar. And probably by the likes of Piers Morgan. But instead, he’s a poor victim. Pass the sick bucket.

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Mr Larrington said...

Judging from the wide variety of lemon-sucking faces pulled by the fragrant Ms Reid over the years whenever colossal bellend Piers “Morgan” Moron said something crass, insensitive or just plain fucking stupid this Unit reckons she'll overjoyed to see the back of him, because he’s a colossal bellend.

iMatt said...

“But my three sons told me they too are all being targeted”.

Hmmmm...did you consider this twenty-odd years ago Piers when you decided to go after Private Eye editor and HIGNFY team captain Ian Hislop after he (as well as Angus Deaton and Clive Anderson) gave you a roasting on the latter program?

You printed a big headline promising to expose Hislop. Abusing your position as Mirror editor, you sent journalists to Hislop's home village in order to dig the dirt. Hislop's neighbours effectively told them to piss off! So don't bleat about your family being targeted through your own actions when you were more than willing to the same to others due to petty vindictiveness.

Steve Woods said...

Piers Morgan, the man who approaches everything with an open mouth.

Anonymous said...

He's an empty-headed Foghorn Leghorn.

Without the talent.

Why anybody pays any attention to the stupid cunt is beyond my understanding.