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Friday 5 March 2021

TalkRADIO Citizenship Stripping ISN’T

As our free and fearless press builds to a crescendo in its wailing at the effrontery of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex - I mean, how DARE they be independent and give an interview without asking for UK Media Establishment approval beforehand - they are guaranteeing that ITV gets one record breaking audience next Monday evening.

The authentic voice of ... failure

The allegedly upmarket Times and Telegraph propaganda is exposed by their having to add “It is understood” to the latest claims of how rotten Megs was to one or more palace flunkies. Interventions from Nicholas “Poison Carrot” Witchell at the BBC are diminished by the knowledge that Prince Charles said “I can’t bear that man, he’s so awful”. And we know Piers Morgan’s constant crying is down to Megs seeing him coming.

But amid all the faux righteousness, one especially egregious example of own goal idiocy towers above all others: the entirely avoidable, premeditated overreach by dribbling bigot Mike Graham, the Mr Blobby of TalkRADIO. His Independent Republic Of Cowardice™ intervention was not accidental: he was clearly reading from a pre-prepared script.

Mike WHO?

Those upstart Californians, Haz and Megs, have dropped themselves right in the brown stuff by kicking off with Oprah Winfrey in the big tell-all interview, while leaving behind them a trail of destruction at Kensington Palace amid claims of bullying, freeloading and wearing jewellery gifted to them from despots around the world”. Not true, but there was more.

Are we in high school? Are we in an episode of Beverley Hills 90210? I’ve got a poll for you this morning, cos I’m sick to death of this pair of freeloading wallies [speak for yourself, pal]”. And so, drawing himself up to his full circumference (surely “height”? - Ed), Graham blustered “I say not only do we strip them from the Royal Family, not only do we take away all Royal connections, not only do we tell them ‘no thanks, don’t bother coming back to the UK’, we strip them, right now, today, of British Citizenship”.

A Twitter poll was then opened, no doubt with an expectation of success, but already the rank hypocrisy was being exposed. James Felton pointed out that Graham had recently played the other side of the field, asserting “Here at TalkRADIO, we’re going to fight for the right to have an opinion which some people might not like”. He was not alone.

Chris Pinkney mused “So we started with stripping citizenship from terrorists [well, an alleged one], and within a week, we've already expanded that to ‘people the Sun have decided we don't like, but haven't actually done anything wrong’. That was quick”. Alex Tiffin added “Funny [TalkRADIO] didn’t ask: Should Prince Andrew finally attend his interview with the FBI over allegations he's a serial paedophile”.

There were many more Andy comments. But worst of all was the result of that Twitter poll: after all Graham’s froth and bluster, from his pre-scripted and rehearsed script, his faithful following somehow disagreed with The Great Man. To the question “Should the UK strip Harry and Meghan of their citizenship?the answer was a resounding 83.8% NO.

So not only did Mike Graham score a monumental own goal for the Murdoch mafiosi, he added a few more tens of thousands to ITV’s Monday evening audience. Some kinds of stupidity you just can’t buy. Except Rupert Murdoch did. Way to go, bigots.

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SimonB said...

He likes to be called Iron Mike, which is hilarious in so many ways

Anonymous said...

Be Prince Harry. Have formative memories of the British press saying his mother was crackers, too much into 'woke' issues (mines, Aids) publishing racist articles about her dating foreign blokes and ultimately hounding her to death. Followed by the press all changing their mind and portraying Di as a Saint after her demise.

Harry sees the press doing the same to him over his choice of missus. Leaves country. Press gets even worse.

Press ponders 'Why is Harry behaving like this?' with zero self-awareness.

At least North Koreans know their media is ruling-class run drivel. Britain, meanwhile...

Anonymous said...

I hope the couple REALLY stick it to the dysfunctional "Victorian values" Von Windsors.

God knows that gang of leeches have got it coming. When Phil the Greek finally shuffles off this mortal coil doubtless the dishonour guard will be formed by ex SS on Zimmer frames.

J said...

Am I the only one who read his rant in the voice of the bloke that gets what he deserves in "V for vendetta" - "the voice of Britan (sic)". You know the one, the one who is an arsehole. A raging hypocrite. A complete cnut... just like Mike.

Anonymous said...

Wibbly wobbly inflatable Ronald Lacy .... nah it just a fat jellied talk radio presenter

Johnspartacusanonymous said...

The Saxe-Coburg Goatherds