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Sunday 28 March 2021

Camilla Tominey - Shove Your Truth

Those observing the press pack in full pursuit of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex may have thought that, after the likes of Piers Morgan, Sarah Vine, Amanda Platell and their peers, no-one else could better those pundits’ ability to marry the outpouring of bile, selective recall, and bare-faced hypocrisy. But that thought would have been misplaced: today, Camilla Tominey has marched right in and declared “hold my beer”.

This is my article here, and as you can see, it's total shite

Writing in the increasingly desperate and downmarket Telegraph, for which she has been made an “associate editor”, Ms Tominey, an over-promoted propagandist, has brought readers “Harry, Meghan and me: my truth as a Royal reporter”. This is secreted behind a paywall, but the Tel has Tweeted out enough tasters for us to get Ms Tominey’s drift.

Camilla who?

There are photos showing a “serious” journalist: working her mobile in one hand while clutching a bundle of newspapers with the other, quizzing Haz, appearing on ITV This Morning, and the obligatory quotes from The Great Woman Herself. Like “I've covered elections and extremism, but nothing compares to the vitriol I've received since I started writing about the Sussexes”. And then comes the biscuit taking pièce de résistance.

Listen up people, I'm a victim!

As I told Phillip Schofield on This Morning, ‘I don’t write things I don’t believe to be true and that haven’t been really well sourced’”. And to that I call bullshit: one article, with Ms Tominey’s the only name on the by-line, not merely disproves that claim, but shows exactly why she is fully deserving of any amount of “vitriol” coming her way.

Meg had worked with people affected by the Grenfell Tower fire to produce a “community cookbook”, which became a New York Times best seller, at the Hubb Community Kitchen. Along came Ms Tominey with “Meghan cookbook mosque linked to 19 terror suspects including 'Jihadi John' in group's investigation”. Many other papers lifted the copy.

Look - a real serious journalist!

Indeed, it secured a dishonourable mention in the court papers filed on behalf of Meg against Associated Newspapers, which publishes the Mail titles. These asserted that the link between the Hubb Community Kitchen “and the al-Manaar Muslim Cultural Heritage Centre (supposedly ‘linked to 19 Islamic extremists’) is at best a highly tenuous and deliberately inflammatory one”. The Duchess’ lawyers weren’t finished.

Said with a straight face, no doubt

The characterisation of these victims as being linked to terrorism in the same way as the [Duchess] is said to be supporting or endorsing jihadi terrorists through her participation in a cookbook for victims of Grenfell, is as false as it is offensive”. Worse still, Ms Tominey’s article appears to have been based on a single source: the Henry Jackson Society.

You read that right: the HJS, formerly a bipartisan organisation, but recently taken over by the hard right. Which any self-respecting journalist should avoid like a malignant Covid-19 variant. Used, it seems, as the sole source for a mean-spirited slice of knocking copy which looks to have been designed to hurt Meg, and damage those book sales.

No dog-whistle racism here, then

Arguably, that one article was the signal for yet more press piling-on, more sneering hatred directed at Meg, more vicious bigotry, more deliberately portraying her as the “difficult Duchess”. Yet Ms Tominey has the gall to play victim. And blame someone else.

Well, I couldn’t give a rat’s arse about her victimhood. Because she isn’t one.

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mirandola said...

The Henry Jackson Society has always been hard right.

Based in the most right wing college in England - Peterhouse Cambridge (home of Maurice Cowling (The Godfather of Thatcherism), Roger Scruton, Edward Norman, Norman Stone etc etc) - and named after the 'father' of American neo-conservatism - Senator Henry 'Scoop' Jackson - its has regularly invited screaming war mongers like Richard Perle over to address them. It has become a rallying ground where mediocre members of the hard right can marshall their arguments.

Anonymous said...


"My truth" and the inevitable slippery "really".

In the far right racist propaganda Torygraph.

The usual tory lying shite.

It'd be nice if Meghan Markle's lawyers utterly destroyed and bankrupted both in court. God knows they've got it coming.

SolitaryManInBlack said...

Some Karen that likes to play the victim. Excellent article.

Check out White Fragility: Why It's So Hard for White People to Talk About Racism by DiAngelo, Robin https://amzn.to/3rDuI2Z via @amazon

AndyC said...

Why is the Right so infested with the likes of Tominey, Young, Wootton, Fox...the list is seemingly endless. Is it because the effort to show empathy for, and understanding of, others, and not to be casually racist etc. is too much like hard work? And that for as long as the clicks keep mounting and the pay cheques keep rolling in there will always be a place for these odious types.

Friday's Child said...

it’s so complicated laughable that she’s inserted herself into the story as she claims to be the victim.
Excellent piece btw

Jonathan said...

Anything to distract from the increasingly Alt right government,whose leader regularly lies to the public and keeps in employment a bullying Home Secretary.

Never really understood the RW rags obsession with Meghan Markle, poor lass must be fed up of the hatchet jobs done on her and her husband.

Let's hope Meghan instructs her lawyers to sue the Torygraph, it's the only way they learn.

Anonymous said...

FFS!!! What is wrong with these sick, soulless monsters?? Meghan Markle shows she's a decent human being by trying to help the victims of a preventable disaster and the tory media attack dogs paint her as some kind of terrorist sympathiser with links to ISIS because of a Grenfell cookbook? A fucking cookbook?!?

The establishment clearly despises Meghan for not dutifully falling into line like a good little British possession. And the callous, spiteful bastards will see the people who died as an inconvenient embarrassment more than anything else. So out comes the usual tory racism and fake terrorist distraction bullshit. She'll be a woke, Marxist, anti-Semitic, enemy of the people next week.

All of that is bad enough, but when you add the sick fact that millions of indoctrinated British bigots will joyfully lap this toxic drivel up, you've got a really sinister situation.

Seriously, what is going on? It's starting to feel like we're in hell.

Steve Woods said...

Non-jobs for journalists: royal correspondent.

AndyC said...

Anonymous wrote at 17:47

'...the tory media attack dogs paint her (Megan Markle) as some kind of terrorist sympathiser...'.

Funny how that same Tory press doesnt have ANYTHING to say about the elevation to the House of Lords of a REAL terrorist sympathiser, an individual who also has some strange opinions on other subjects that would normally get the RW attack dogs salivating.

Unknown said...

Camilla Tomminey like Colleen Jarvis ( Metro 30/3) and others like them are mad that two Americans (J.Arcuri and Meghan of course) were brave enough to share their hurt, but are perfectly sympathetic with white women regularly complaining of lack of support during pregnancy and after birth.No to mention complains about rape,groping and sexual harassments.What will it to believe a non British person in the white conversative world? Maybe DEATH?And even then there would more blame than sympathy.