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Monday 22 March 2021

Julia Hartley Dooda Versus Real Expert

She claims to solicit a wide range of views on the Covid-19 pandemic, but once again, self-promoting TalkRADIO host Julia Hartley Brewer has been summarily defeated by the reality - that she has apparently depended rather too much on those later exposed as cranks and pushers of misinformation. And not on those who know their subject.

Her latest mistake was picking a scrap after Julia Grace Patterson, who you can tell as she’s a doctor, told “If you were ill, and needed some treatment, would you go to an actor or a right wing journalist for help? No? Then stop listening to them during a pandemic. Doctors and scientists use evidence based medicine. That’s what we’re trained to do”.

Ms Hartley Dooda wasn’t having any of that. So she bit. “Who's telling people to get medical help from journalists?! Pandemic policy, inc lockdown, is a POLITICAL, not a medical, decision based on ALL the evidence of the benefits & costs. Locking 67 million healthy people in their homes is *way* out of this doctor's area of expertise”.

Admitting to being right-wing, lying about people being “locked in their homes”, claiming the authority on what a doctor is or is not qualified to pronounce upon, misinformation as to the nature of current restrictions? That’s the Hartley Dooda way. Dr Patterson countered “Julia, you’re neither a doctor, nor a politician. I’m a doctor who runs a political campaigning organisation and works closely with politicians across the spectrum. If you’d like to talk about the importance of evidence, get in touch”. OUCH! Come on JHB!

What are you questioning in my tweet? It's factually correct. I talk about evidence with medical and scientific experts on my show every day. Deciding to lockdown millions of healthy people is a political, not a medical, decision”. Lockdown lie repeated, passing off opinion as fact, and as to those experts, well. Dr Patterson was undeterred.

Politicians rely on medical experts to inform them. Just as they rely on experts in all fields to inform them. You have continually refuted scientific evidence throughout this pandemic and encouraged others to do so in the name of personal freedom”. Double OUCH! And one Tweeter decided to take issue with Ms Hartley Dooda on her so-called “experts”.

"You’ve had Clare Craig and Michael Yeadon on your show. I’d slow down on the ‘experts’ there”. She wasn’t having that. "So 2 people out of the roughly 4 experts I've spoken to EVERY DAY for the past year? Well done. You'll hear a range of views on my show. Crazy idea, eh?” OH WHAT A GIVEAWAY. And one of the other two is probably Karol Sikora.

The Tweeter was unimpressed. "Considering the size of your platform and the responsibility you have not to amplify medical disinformation, that’s still two Covid cranks too many, wouldn’t you say?” To which Ms Hartley Dooda simply snapped “They're not cranks”. But the Tweeter with whom she was engaging pointed out the reality, also quoting Dominic Pimenta, another doctor who doesn’t get invited on TalkRADIO.

That’s because Ms Hartley Dooda claims he doesn’t know what he’s on about. On the basis of, er, most likely being scared he’d show up her ignorance.

Broadcasters have a responsibility not to spread misinformation. Some take that responsibility seriously. And some need to try harder. Hello Julia Hartley Dooda.

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Plento Demento said...

Something for Members of Parliament to consider seriously.
Which is worse?: -
a.) Broadcasting misinformation about a deadly virus.
b.) Slapping paint on a statue.

Anonymous said...

It's true Heartless-Spewer is "neither doctor or politician".

But she IS a far right empty headed bought-and-paid-for propaganda gammonette. And a moron too.

Mr Larrington said...

Julia Tory Sewer doesn’t like doctors. I wonder if the decision of the Royal College of General Practioners to withdraw an invitation to participate in an “NHS Question Time” debate in 2019 has anything to do with it. 700 GPs signed a petition against her taking part.

Anonymous said...

Stop patronising the public, we can make our own minds up about what is or isn't disinformation.

AndyC said...

At 12:48 Anonymous said:
'Anonymous said...
'...we can make our own minds up about what is or isn't disinformation.'

Oh, if only that were true. Clearly large sections of the population CANNOT tell the difference. Thankfully we arent as far gone as the US.

Special Unguent said...

When a politician goes on TV or radio and says, "The British people are intelligent enough to know what is or isn't true" he/she is lying.

Anonymous said...


If only that were true, the country wouldn't be in sad state it is in.
Unfortunately, too many uneducated people leave it to others to make their minds up for them.

Anonymous said...

Since the death numbers dropped/vaccinations are going well there's been an increase in the anti-lockdown drivel similar to last year. Just today we have this piece:


Quote: "And among those who contract the disease, just two in 1,000 (or fewer) actually die."

Let's do the maths. UK deaths: 126155

Multiply by 500 (2 in 1000) = 63077500

So the good doctor is arguing that 63 out of 67 million Britons have already had the virus. Actually he may be arguing more than that due to his 'or fewer' comment.

Course he gets round the fact he's talking nonsense by talking more nonsense "And that some of the total is due to the manner in which we record Covid deaths: there is a big difference between dying directly from Covid, and dying after testing positive for Covid within the last 28 days, where other illnesses may well be responsible."

He also dismissed long covid: "Some experts like to talk of ‘long Covid’ (which is a post-viral syndrome, as occurs with many other viruses), but far more worrying is the long-term social and economic impact of restrictions, especially for younger people, who have seen their education disrupted and their careers shattered."

Wouldn't a doctor know that post-viral syndromes that last months tend to be relatively rare and that very few diseases have such an extensive list of weird symptoms and long-term side effects?

Why is a (retired pathologist) playing this down? Why is he spinning the 'death figures are exaggerated' when he's perfectly familiar with how they are recorded? Why are these characters always retired or former or fraudulent and none of them actually work with covid patients?

Yes lockdowns cause issues but the whole fucking point is that we wouldn't have needed them to last so long if dipshits in the media didn't constantly encourage the masses to break health rules and feed them misinformation thus encouraging uncontrollable transmission.

Anonymous said...

Something for any future public enquiry to seriously look at - the media is the UK has been incredibly two-faced about Covid with the right-wing throwing out extraordinary levels of pure nonsense.

Yet mysteriously no one in government (exception being one backbench Tory) has called them out on it, or said a word of criticism in any press conference.

We know there's two factions - Sunak wants money and 'freedom', Boris bit concerned about killing his voters - yet the lack of criticism is mind-boggling.

One can only conclude that the DM/Telegraph/Talk Radio are being allowed and encourage to poison the well. Like they do with Climate change or mocking the poor/ill to justify benefit cuts.

We might also want to look at the number of social media types who suddenly changed to outright covidiots. Are some of them being paid? If so who by? Shady dark-money cut-outs? Foreign governments? OUR GOVERNMENT!???

Who is paying for weirdos like Simon Dolan? What's the deal with Lawrence Fox being given millions for his anti-lockdown party? Who the hell are those UsforThem people with their anti-mask school agenda?

Seriously, this is such a major question that much of the media is ignoring. An enquiry needs to expose this stuff urgently. Byline Times has done some good work on this and the actual Times Insight team have written about the Sunak/Boris axis. More detail is needed with appropriate sanction.

I can't believe that during a global pandemic a chunk of our establishment are actively fighting to destroy trust in public health. Is mind-blowing and criminal.

Anonymous said...

One final point about the Covid death numbers. Life insurance and private medical insurance companies are getting absolutely hammered by the pandemic. If there was a mysterious plot to exaggerate the death toll then don't you think that the thousands of highly-paid actuaries and legal people who work for said insurance companies would smell a rat and be throwing out lawsuits left, right and centre?

Anonymous said...

What a patronising bunch of know-alls you are ! Just because the majority of the population don't hold your views they are "uneducated"! They went to school didn't they? Blame the teaching methods, except we agree with them er.. oh dear er.. !

Anonymous said...

@ 12:48.

You aren't "the public".

Holla said...

This anonymous at 16:52 is a bit of a snowflake isn't he.

Strange guy

Anonymous said...

Many people don't question what they are told. That's the result of schools not teaching critical thinking.

Anonymous said...

Ma mouldythong at it again. Different day, same old shite

David said...

The 'good' thing about mortality figures (hard endpoints in the jargon) is that they are difficult to fake. However the ONS figures for excess mortality show the non-covid figures to be following a reverse track to the covid ones, implying that their is an issue with classification (unless you believe that covid has killed flu in a repeat of King Kong versus Godzilla).

My understanding is that insurance companies don't pay more for a covid death.