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Wednesday 17 March 2021

Julie Burchill - From Frying Pan To Fire

[Update at end of post]

She is published regularly by both the increasingly desperate and downmarket Telegraph, and the increasingly alt-right Spectator magazine. But now Julie Burchill has a connection that is not merely right-wing, or even alt-right, but way out there in neo-Nazi territory. And both the Tel and Speccy have thus far been remarkably quiet about it.

More repenting at leisure, perchance?

After she encouraged a pile-on against Ash Sarkar last December, amid a slew of vicious abuse Ms Burchill either originated or encouraged, publishers Little, Brown dropped her and she had to find someone else to promote her new book. She duly found someone, and the someone was Stirling Publishing. But her troubles were not yet over.

The Evening Standard has now discovered that Stirling Publishing’s Tabatha Stirling “was ‘outed’ by a group called the Glasgow Anti-Fascist Alliance in December as ‘Miss Britannia,’ an author who wrote articles for the website of far-right group the Patriotic Alternative”. And guess who’s behind Patriotic Alternative? “The Patriotic Alternative is led by former BNP leader Mark Collett”. Ah, the supposedly acceptable face of neo-Nazism.

Do go on. “Miss Britannia posted a series of articles on the Patriotic Alternative’s website last year. One, on the Scottish education system, said Miss Britannia’s son was at a school that was ‘a hellhole for sensible, secure White boys’ and claimed “there is one member of staff who is openly gay, and I mean RuPaul extra gay”. And there was more.

She defends tweets she wrote saying ‘I did those tweets about Jews and Israel yes I did because when you’re very anti Islam and you haven’t thought about the JQ [Jewish Question] and it hasn’t been in your periphery [sic] vision… it’s kind of the way you’re lead … I can put up my ancestry document with 100% European if that would make you feel better. Being called a liberal Jew’s hilarious, I mean, that’s very funny’”.

You'll have to speak up, I'm a bit Mutt And Jeff

Glasgow Anti-Fascism Alliance added these comments: “Tabatha is incredibly posh (think Katie Hopkins) and is very highly educated. She's lead a very privileged and professional life so this descent into nazism was quite fascinating to study … we discovered that she wrote reviews for her own books as if she was someone else”. There is more.

Tabatha had been attempting to lead a double life where she presented herself professionally as a liberal author but was secretly a prolific far right streamer and propagandist for the white-nationalist group Patriotic Alternative. She … wrote 4 articles for the PA site. In one, she complained about the immorality of having a gay man teach in her son's school. She frequently touts white genocide conspiracy theories”. And more.

Tabatha was part of a 'White Art Collective' and also ran a 'White Book Club’ … Although Tabatha managed to delete all her own racist and homophobic content, what she couldn't control was shows she was a guest on and leaked audio”. Ms Burchill celebrated her deal with Stirling Publishing just three days ago. Her comment may return to haunt her.

I’ve found someone who’s JUST LIKE ME - not only can I work with her, but have a lot of fun with her, and we know how much I like THAT”. But Glasgow Anti-Fascist Alliance had outed Tabatha Stirling LAST DECEMBER. Didn’t Ms Burchill do her due diligence on her?

Perhaps the Telegraph and Spectator would like to comment. Don’t all shout at once.

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[UPDATE 1550 hours: the Guardian has now  told the world that Ms Burchill has effectively fired Stirling Publishing. "I have always been against racism in all forms, so am terminating my contract with Stirling Publishing with immediate effect" she has told.

That may come as a surprise to all those followers of The Prophet, for whom Ms Burchill has not been quite so unequivocally anti-bigotry in the past. Still, small steps, eh?]


J said...

Imagine, Burchill likes a nazi and wants to have fun with her... I'm shocked (na, really I'm not shocked one fecking bit).

I wonder what drew Julie 'Muslims are paedophile worshippers' Burchill to go with a neo-nazi publisher.

Honestly, I think she's taken the "I'm deliberately provocative [read: a vile troll] and do it to get sacked and for the clicks" a bit to far now!

Also, isn't it strange how all the "LGB Alliance" terfs and followers all end up being actual neo-nazi's. Its as if the LGB Alliance is a gateway drug to nazi'ism.

Anonymous said...

Sterling work by the London Evening Standard but it needs another [sic]
"it’s kind of the way you’re lead [sic]"

Steve Woods said...

"Tabatha... is very highly educated", say Glasgow Anti-Fascist Alliance.

Sorry to disagree, but the samples of her writing quoted suggest a high level of ignorance and prejudice.

Anonymous said...

She's 'fired' her publisher.

Wonder where she'll try to push her rantings next?

Rosie said...

Great bit of work Tim. The Tabitha fascist woman's attitude to gays might worry Julie Birchall. However, given the title of the book about anti woke and the keenness of publishers to make money, I am pretty sure that if Stirling falls, then someone else will grab the rights to publish, unfortunately. Brighton & Hove, Birchall's home town, is a very 'white 'City'. Birchall has never associated herself with supporting any anti-racist cause. I met her several times at gay parties in Hove where she was fawned upon like a Queen Bee and offered free coke none of which had a person of colour in sight. She is the original female self-publicising contrarian hack and as thick as shit.

Anonymous said...

Extra gay? She's a troll. Nobody's that thick. Surely....

And what's that unsightly thing on her face? And the tacky banana splits shades, indoors, what's that about?

There's too many cheap ass monstrosities in the UK.

Anonymous said...

Oo look!

Burchill's on the LOOKATME! swings again.

The tenth rate hypocritical fraud.

AndyC said...

Anonymous said

'And what's that unsightly thing on her face?'

Its a small microphone.

Anonymous said...

Born Charlotte Alexandra Brodhurst in Surrey. Her (now deleted) Twitter account heavily promoted Paul Stirling (husband?) when he stood as the For Britain Movement candidate at the 2019 Leith Walk by-election:


He managed to get 14 votes, which was 2 more than the Libertarian Party candidate :-D

AndyC said...

The Guardian reported: 'Ms Burchill has effectively fired Stirling Publishing. "I have always been against racism in all forms, so am terminating my contract with Stirling Publishing with immediate effect"

You might call that 'cancelling'; I couldn't possibly comment.

J said...


Wait, are you telling me that Julie 'Muslims are paedophile worshippers' Burchill has cancelled her publishers for being racist and not woke enough?

Oh the fcuking irony!

(Then again, I'm sure that she will find another "not racist honestly" publisher to run with her shit book.)

Anonymous said...

Noise-cancelling microphone.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it weird that at a time where book sales are not exactly booming that publishers seem to be able to throw huge advances to assorted right-wingers to all churn out the same 'PC Gone Mad! Down with Woke!' culture war doorstops?

I know in the US this sort of nonsense is mass-purchased by various 'Conservative' groups to knock it up the bestsellers list, but is that a thing in Britain, or is the country really full of idiots with overloaded shelves creaking under the weight of Morgan/Littlejohn/Clarkson/Letts/Peterson/Murray rants?