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Monday 22 March 2021

Bristol - Farage Does A Racism

A demonstration against the Tories’ Police and Crime Bill, which will make many forms of peaceful protest illegal, was held in the city of Bristol yesterday. This was initially peaceful, but later became violent, with Police officers injured and one of their vans torched. Alleged Prime Minister Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson claimed that the scenes were “unacceptable”, and that “They should protest peacefully and legally”.

Nige's latest tactic is to be more like ...

That would be the peaceful protest that is about to be made illegal, of course. In the aftermath, our free and fearless press, and rather a lot of politicians, decided without asking too many questions to condemn the protesters. Their only problem was deciding whose fault it would be, because it couldn’t possibly be the Tories’ proposed Bill.

... an enabler for domestic terrorism

Meanwhile, domestic terrorism facilitator Andy Ngo picked up on events in Bristol, about which he was soon talking well, but lying badly. “Bristol is the Portland of the UK, I’m told” he claimed, then had a think about it, and decided it really was. “Scenes of intense violence played out in #Bristol (‘England's Portland’) when far-left rioters attacked officers outside the police station”. Then he decided who he would blame.

The #Bristol protesters held hammer & sickle banners, & raised symbols of antifa. The main groups to call for people to show up were BLM & Extinction Rebellion (among others), who put out digital flyers”. Lying all the way. And he soon had an ally: step forward former Brexit Party OberscheissenfĂĽhrer Nigel “Thirsty” Farage, who also blamed BLM.

In Bristol tonight we see what the soft-headed approach to the anti-police BLM leads to. Wake up everyone, this is not about racial justice. These people want all-out anarchy and street violence … The BLM protests were anti-police, it is a key goal of the organisation. The worrying events in Bristol tonight are an extension of that. We have given into and encouraged the extreme left, and this is the result”. Just like Andy Ngo.

In other words, just another enabler for the bigots, just another one making it up for personal gain, just another purveyor of crude racism. The response pointed out the obvious. “Where are the BLM protestors? I can only see a crowd of white faces” and “Of course, it's Black lives matters fault a mostly white crowd caused a riot. You keep spewing out your Racist crap why don't you” were typical replies. And there was more.

Shola Mos-Shogbamimu, who you can tell as she’s a doctor, was not happy. “What’s [the] #BristolProtest got to do with #BlackLivesMatter? It's only because UK is institutionally racist that you ALWAYS get away with using RACIST rhetoric to deflect & distract, WHILE YOU FAN THE VIOLENT FLAMES OF #WhiteSupremacy … You are a disgusting waste of space Nigel Farage”. The Pileus was equally unimpressed with Nige.

If you want to know why Nigel Farage is blaming the events in Bristol on BLM, even though it has nothing to do with BLM, it is because he is a racist”. James Woodley agreed: “Nigel Farage knows it has nothing to do with BLM but he wants to stoke up more racism in the UK. These are protests against freedoms - and as he is part of the establishment he will divert you to blame ethnic groups”. And then came the mainstream blowback.

Alex Beresford of ITV Good Morning Britain, having dispatched Piers Morgan, called out Mr Thirsty. He was right. And Nigel Farage was not. But you knew that already.

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Gerry said...

One thing occurred to me as I watched the Politics show today. A lady Labour MP wanting an enquiry before she condemned the violence, seeming the go with the idea that the police actions sparked badness. What really surprised me is that no one thought to ask ‘how do you torch a police van on the spur of the moment?’ Did someone just happen to find the odd Molotov cocktail in the gutter?

Mr Larrington said...

Portland, Mr Ngo? Well, you know all about Nazi attacks on bars in that city…

Anonymous said...

It isn't as though there is no public record of corrupt "undercover" British geheim statz polizei....

Anonymous said...

FRrage is a shitgrabber who will do or say anything in an attempt to gain headlines. Me? I blame the dolphin

iMatt said...

Farage is not even bothering to hide his naked racism anymore. The toxic little bigot becomes ever more rancid with every Tweet and TV appearance.

Boneheadian Chapsody said...

Farty, farty Fartrage
Anyone can see
Farty, farty Fartrage
Farty, farty Fartrage

Anonymous said...

Farage? I thought he found refuge up Trump's arse to avoid angry fishermen?