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Wednesday 31 March 2021

No Racism, Says Bozo’s Gaslighter

The latest report from a review set up by 10 Downing Street has put some of our free and fearless press into a rapturous mood, typified by the Daily Mail proclaiming “BRITAIN’S RACE REVOLUTION … Landmark report says UK ‘a model to world’ on diversity - and finds NO evidence of institutional racism”. Now what does that remind me of?

Ah yes, a scene from the Goon Show classic Six Charlies In Search Of An Author, in which Neddie Seagoon calls on Major Bloodnok. The retired Indian Army Major is surprised. “It's a lie! Ohh! Naughty postcards, I've never heard of them I tell you! How dare you come in here and offer me money for those postcards over there which are not here!

Munira Mirza

Yes, that level of ridiculous. But with the Times and Telegraph also featuring the story, and the BBC telling “The UK ‘no longer’ has a system rigged against people from ethnic minorities”, plus the Mail revelling in the knowledge that it isn’t institutionally racist, some are now beginning to stop and think as to whether this report is actually credible.

Sathnam Sanghera did just that. “Everyone involved in this report, from Munira Mirza (head of policy unit), to Tony Sewell, to Boris Johnson himself, has been critical of concept of institutional racism and argued racism is culture of ‘victimhood’. And guess what it concludes”. Adam Bienkov of Business Insider also noted Ms Mirza’s presence.

Boris Johnson's inquiry into racial inequality in the UK was set up by his policy director Munira Mirza. Here's some of her earlier work” he observed, the headlines coming from the planet Spiked and including “Diversity is divisive”, “Stop pandering to Muslims”, and “Lammy Review: the myth of institutional racism”. And speaking of David Lammy, well.

The Labour MP has been hosting for LBC recently, and has had to field calls including one individual who told him that he could not be considered to be English because he was not white. Also, we have had the dog whistle taken out by the likes of Sarah “Vain” Vine when attacking the Duchess of Sussex, telling of herNIGGling worry”. No bad words, you understand, just a NIGGling worry. Nothing to do with racism, just a NIGGle.

And speaking of Muslims, which one of those Spiked headlines was, brings us to Murdoch noise floor occupant TalkRADIO, where dribbling bigot Mike Graham proclaimed earlier today “The fact that Britain is now officially not a racist country seems to have upset quite a lot of activists and #racism professionals. You know who you are”.

That’s an interesting coincidence: the Centre for Media Monitoring has investigated a call to TalkRADIO, later repeated by the Express and Daily Star titles, that a gay paramedic “was refused entry to a mosque to treat a heart attack patient”. There were claims of no-go areas. North West Ambulance has confirmed that no such incident was recorded.

Small wonder that Priyamvada Gopal, who you can tell as she’s a doctor, mused “Dictionary of British Gaslighting 2021 … Beacon of Racial Equality … Working Royals … Compassionate Conservatism … Proportionate Policing”, and James Foster concluded “If you don’t think institutional racism exists in this country then I’ve got some magic beans to sell you”. This report is not being taken seriously. Because it is not credible.

We’ll be told next that the PM isn’t racist either. Because a Government report will say so.

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Anonymous said...

Next up: "Britain is a democracy." Written by Rupert Murdoch and "Lord" Rothermere.

And believed by flag-shagging dickheads and gammons everywhere.

Pass the sick bag, Malice.

iMatt said...

Britain is not institutionally racist. And yet we have Boris Johnson heading two leading institutions, the Conservative Party and the government who makes racist comments and refuses to apologise for these comments when challenged to do so.

Mr Larrington said...

I for one am relieved to learn that we live in a vibrant multi-ethnic multicultural society where the over-representation of black Britons among the unemployed and the prison population is due to, er, what exactly? I do hope the report is not suggesting that it’s because they really are lazy, stupid and criminally-inclined from birth, because if you want that kind of, er, racism a copy of the Daily Heil or Spectator is a bloody sight cheaper than the however-many Getties Bloody Stupid Johnson has spaffed away on this pack of bumwad.