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Wednesday 24 March 2021

Bozo, A Year Of Covid, And Whitewash

Yesterday marked one year from the day when alleged Prime Minister Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson finally ordered restrictions on movement as the Covid-19 pandemic began to spread among the UK’s population. Depending on which measure you choose, anywhere from 126,000 to 147,000 lives have been lost to the virus, with Bozo’s inept dithering a serious contributor. But you might not get that from the media coverage.

You're not fooling anyone, matey

Instead of an obscenely selfish, uncaring, inept, dishonest, unprincipled, untrustworthy and clueless narcissist, Bozo is today presented as a changed man, haunted by guilt over a death toll that almost included Himself. The puke-making portrayal of a modern-day Churchill is nowhere more evident than in the pages of the Daily Mail.

Here, below yet more vicious sneering at the Sussexes from the sad and jealous Sarah “Vain” Vine, readers are told “Visibly shattered, PM’s painful confession on night nation mourned Covid catastrophe … THIS WILL HAUNT ME FOR AS LONG AS I LIVE” with the supporting propaganda telling “At a sombre press conference on the anniversary of the first lockdown, he admitted ‘many’ mistakes over the past 12 months”. There was more.

A front page of total tosh ...

But the Prime Minister said he had faced ‘very, very hard decisions’ while grappling with a ‘callous and invisible enemy’”. And to that I call bullshit. Imposing restrictions - hardly a “lockdown”, given we were all able to exercise, shop and to some extent travel - was not a “very, very hard decision”. It was a very straightforward decision indeed.

The problem with Bozo was his inability to take that decision. Faced with a cohort of moaning back benchers banging on about their freedom, cherishing his reputation as some kind of great libertarian - a pack of lies, as anyone who had covered his time as Mayor of London will know - and his known inability to make the call, he dithered fatally.

... to deflect calls for a public inquiry

Not only did he dither fatally in March last year, he again dithered fatally in September as calls mounted for “circuit breaker” restrictions to be imposed. Then he dithered fatally under fire from our free and fearless press over allowing folks to meet up over Christmas - and imposing the latest clampdown. The result? Tens of thousands more deaths.

This would be exposed very quickly by a public inquiry into the pandemic, and his handling of it. So, to no surprise at all, Bozo doesn’t want one. In this, his pals in the media establishment will back him to the hilt. Instead, the blame shifting is lining up the rotten EU for any further increase in infections and deaths, while declaring “a fitting and permanent memorial to the loved ones we have lost and to commemorate this whole period”.

Yes, Look Over There at a wonderful new memorial. Well, excuse me for not giving a rat’s arse about yet another waste of public funds in order to cover for Bozo. After billions sprayed up the wall on Test And Trace, NHS staff screwed over after their heroic efforts, front line workers needlessly sacrificed, the lies about herd immunity, shaking hands with Covid patients and blaming others for his shortcomings, he has to be held to account.

Boris Johnson is not some heroic latter-day Churchill. He’s an inadequate egomaniac who is maintained in power by his media pals and a party frightened of being exposed as a corrupt, venal and uncaring shower laughing in the face of the electorate. That the Tories and their pals don’t want a public inquiry means one thing. We need a public inquiry.

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Steve Woods said...

Even if a public inquiry does find serious errors and omissions were committed by Johnson, Hancock, Williamson and the rest of what passes for a government in these unusual times, they'll still get the knighthoods, life peerages and sinecures they ill deserve, instead of the prison cells they actually merit.

Anonymous said...

Well, we all KNOW where this is going.

Eventually the pandemic will die out and nobody will really understand why. Then the Daily Heil and the Scum will say it has been defeated by the Bozo Gang, capitalism and greed. The propaganda line will be supported by tabloid broadcast "news" and other media apologists.

There will then be a short economic boom as relieved hysterics again flood into ale houses and bad takeaways. This will be described as "Fun Britain is back!". Enough mugs will believe it.

Meanwhile, Britain will continue its long slow slide into fascist decay while sandal-wearing "liberals" mutter about "democratic debate" and a need for "slow improvement". There will be more Starmers and Bliars. Tories will be the same old thieving liars. Poverty will increase to more than 25% of the population. British fascists will rejoice at the martial law "opportunity rehearsal" provided by lockdown. There will probably be another West-instigated war against the East.

And nobody in flag-shagging, morally degenerate, pissed-up, drugged-up, racist Airstrip One will give a flying fuck.

Treble Victory Gins all round!

Derek said...

Dear Zelo ,
For all those except the wilfully blind it is now unanswerable that the sensible and most effective way of dealing with this pandemic has been shown by the Asian-Pacific nations , S Korea , NZ , Oz , Taiwan and arguably China itself , who’ve followed the precautionary path of zero-covid , effective Track & Trace and quarantine . The very invention of the term ‘lockdown’ was/is a farce used by chancers on a wing and a prayer . Additionally the error of the Thatcher bigotry ‘There is no such thing as Society’ has been shown by the pandemic to be Fascist nonsense , denying the social democratic concepts of public health and a ‘National Health Service’ for all citizens .
Embarassingly the long-standing system of introducing new vaccines via developed nations , who could afford an arm and a leg for them , and through patent protection effectively deny them to the rest of the World’s public has been shown to be flawed , as of course the rest of the World merrily goes on mutating the virus requiring new vaccines . In the case of a pandemic such as this the new vaccines must be allowed to go ‘generic’ as soon as proven and make the cost affordable to the World’s public . Social Democracy 1 , neo-Liberalism 0 .
Best Wishes

Plento Demento said...

Bozo J (aside) : "My impersonation of DI Humphrey Goodman will do the trick."

Wildswimmer Pete said...

That fat, lazy, lying slob should be facing a criminal charge of Misconduct in Public Office which carries a maximum penalty of life imprisonment.

Starry Bill said...

There is already a very good start: The People's Inquiry is being chaired by Michael Mansfield QC, and is hearing from many important witnesses, including representatives from bereaved families.

Please have a look at the web site for more details, and watch each session as they happen. The third session is tonight (Wed), and there are more to come.

The findings will go a long way to ensure a longer term legal inquiry will be more likely, and that the truth becomes more widely accessable, and maybe some justice will be served on those responsible for the suffering of so many of us to the benefit of the corrupt 'few'.

Arnold said...

"Instead of an obscenely selfish, uncaring, inept, dishonest, unprincipled, untrustworthy and clueless narcissis". You forgot "unkempt".

Broad Thoughts From A Home said...

I wouldn't trust Bozo further than I could throw him. If he told me it was raining, I'd need to look outside to check.